Welter gives JR Day a "10"

If you want to know how things were at Nebraska before all of the renovations and upgrades, then just ask Jacob Welter. Yes, the 6-foot-5 and 280-pound Welter was last in Lincoln to visit Nebraska four or five years ago, and in that time there are new facilities, another set of sky boxes, an AD whose name rings a bell to him and a whole new coaching staff.

Today might have been the second time that Jacob Welter from Danville (Calif.) Monte Vista would have been in Lincoln had part of a camp not been cancelled at Nebraska. It really doesn't matter to him as the 6-foot-5 and 280-pound Welter has been in Lincoln the last two days.

"I am doing great," Welter said. "We just got done and are walking into the hotel. We have been up here for a day already. Yesterday, I got a private tour and met the coaches early.

"I had a whole day to really get around, talk to the coaches and see everything earlier than everyone else. I got a lot of great time with Coach Barney Cotton and several of the other coaches.

"I really got to know all of the coaches there at Nebraska a little bit better. I also got to see all of the new things and facilities there are Nebraska and it's really incredible."

Welter's father, Tom Welter, is a former all-Big 8 player at Nebraska as well as an academic all-American, and so Jacob has seen Nebraska. However, it's been some time since Jacob was in Lincoln.

"I would say that it's been four or five years since I have seen everything here. The changes between then and now are just dramatic. It's just amazing how much it's all changed.

"I remember the locker rooms were in the south end-zone and they were moved north into the Tom Osborne Center. The weight room is absolutely amazing along with everything else."

What Welter got to see on the visit today went well beyond what was behind a door or what the new locker room looked like. Instead, Welter picked up on a sense that the coaching staff and the people have about their players and recruits that play at and get their educations at Nebraska.

"What I really got to see about Nebraska today is that they are more about you as a person than as a football player. When you are done with football they care about your success."

The film of Welter at the Cal camp on YouTube has been making the rounds. Welter was named one of the MVPs from camp and there were some thoughts that he might pick up an offer today.

"I didn't pick up an offer yet, not today. I talked to Coach Cotton and Bo Pelini about it and they really like my YouTube videos. They are really going to stay in close contact. I think that it went well."

Overall, the visit couldn't have been much better for Welter. In fact, Welter gave the visit the highest mark you could saying that the trip really exceeded his expectations about Nebraska.

"Honestly I would have to go with a "10". It was just so much more than I expected. I mean as far as how great everything there was, the people were to everyone and the new staff. It was really amazing."

This won't be the last time that Welter and his family visit Nebraska this year. The coaches at Nebraska have asked The Welter's to get back this fall for a game and Jacob is hoping that it's possible to do so.

"I would like to. Hopefully I will be able to see a game here. My mom spoke to Coach Barney Cotton about it and he said that he wanted us to come out and see a game this fall."

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