Evans inching closer to offer?

Every opportunity Waverly's Tyler Evans gets to head to Nebraska, he takes it. One reason is because it's Nebraska, of course. Another is that he's close. He's close to perhaps getting that offer, and maybe today would be another inch in the right direction. We asked him about that and his experience at today's "Junior Days."

When you run a 4.48 at a camp, that proves a lot. When you doing it standing close to 6-2, that speaks volumes.

Waverly two-way standout Tyler Evans did just that at the Nebraska camp he attended this year.

So, when it was clutch time you could say he proved what he needed to prove.

Would he get a Nebraska offer?

Our own speculation based on the last story we did with Evans was that there would likely be some players who had to drop out of the picture at either wide receiver or defensive back, the positions he's being recruited to play, in order for that offer to become a reality.

That's the message Tyler said he got, too.

"Yeah, I'd take it like that. I know Coach (Bo) Pelini just kept saying that ‘we aren't stringing you along. We aren't. We really like you. We are just waiting to see what happens.'," he said. "So, I guess that's what I am waiting for then."

But despite not having anything concrete as of yet, Evans said he got a lot out of the visit, because any face time with the coaches is good. "I got a really good chance to sit down and talk to Coach Gilmore, and then I talked to Coach Sanders some, too," Evans said of Nebraska's Wide Receivers Coach and Secondary Coach, respectively. "Coach Gilmore was talking to me about how he sees two kinds of receivers: the big-bodied types, which go around 6-4 and 220 pounds, or what he called the "stretch receiver", which he saw me as for them.

"And then I talked to Coach Sanders, and he talked about how I could play safety, but he also saw me as a corner, because he liked how I did in how I pressed receivers at the line," he continued. "So, it was great to be able to sit down and really talk to them and learn a lot more about what they do."

Evans is now getting ready for his own practice, as he said he is more excited for this year than any other he can recall. "I think we have a chance to be a really good team. I am really excited to get this thing going," Evans said of his Vikings which finished league-play undefeated and had an overall record of 8-2. "we start practice the 10th, so it's not long before we get going. I still can't wait."

As for what's up with the Huskers, he'll have to wait, but that's OK, too. Evans says he has no problem being patient. "I'm just going to worry about getting better as a player, and the rest will take care of itself," he said. "That's all I can do."

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