Vestal and Wheeler enjoy Lincoln

The early word on Nebraska's junior day is that it was a success. While there weren't any commitments that we know about right now to speak of, its clear Nebraska made an impression. Just like with Donovan Vestal and Diamonte Wheeler from Arlington (Texas) Bowie with whom Nebraska is now sitting solely or tied at the top of their list.

Donovan Vestal and Diamonte Wheeler from Arlington (Texas) Bowie were at Nebraska today for a junior day. The defensive end and defensive tackle came away impressed.

"It was great," Vestal said. "I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed it. I got into a one on one basis with all of the coaches and the players. That is something I haven't been able to do before.

"Those are the people that I would be there with for the next four to five years and I would like to know more about them before I choose. I want to know how they really feel."

Wheeler had a lot of the same thoughts that Vestal did about his junior day experience at Nebraska.

"I really enjoyed myself," Wheeler said. "It was better than I expected. I enjoyed myself there and I liked the way the coaches treated us.

"The coaches really treated us like we are supposed to be there. And, they didn't pressure us either to commit. I really liked it."

Donovan Vestal

Vestal said that one of the things that he liked the most when talking to the players and coaches was getting a sense if you would fit in. He found that a lot of players shared his thoughts about getting homesick.

"It really helps you know if you are going to fit in or not. At a lot of schools, there are players from all in the same area that all go to the same school.

"At Nebraska, most of the people that go to play football there are from different states. They go there and get homesick. If I go there, I will get that way. They would all be able to help me."

Wheeler said that talking face to face with the recruiting coach really helped him feel at home today in Lincoln.

"It was really easy to transition into talking to Coach Tim Beck in person because we talk a lot on the phone. And, it was really good to put a face with the name.

"With Coach Beck, he's a real cool and really funny guy. I also liked hanging out with the players there. They sat down with us and told us Nebraska is up and coming and the transition to going there from home."

Vestal said the phone conversations with the Nebraska staff just continued in person today. It was part of the whole experience to make him feel like family.

"We didn't miss a beat. It was like we had known each other from a long time ago. That made me even more comfortable; made me really feel like family. They gave me that red carpet treatment."

Vestal said that everything that he saw today was nice, but he really came away the most impressed with the academics. He also really liked the new facilities at Nebraska.

"Everything that I saw today was nice. Every school is going to have nice things, but the academics at Nebraska really blew my mind. They have great academics and I didn't know that.

The facilities at Nebraska were great, just awesome. From the inside then you can go over to the indoor in that skywalk from the weight room. That is really nice."

Wheeler agreed with Vestal and added that the skywalk over to the Hawks was nice, but the Hawks Indoor facility was really what caught his eye.

"I really enjoyed the indoor facilities. I really liked the walkway that you can take to go from the complex to the indoor facility. Everything is very close together."

After this junior day visit, Vestal gave Nebraska a glowing review. He also has come away with a solid favorite to go home and think about.

"Nebraska is at the top of my list. The visit was an "8". From not seeing it before and then seeing it because it was more than I expected. I really enjoyed myself.

"I didn't really think that I would have as much fun as I did. I didn't want to blow your mind and say "10". I was going to say "10", but I just gave it an "8". It really was a "10"."

Nebraska also made an impression on Wheeler and is now sitting on top his list of favorites with a Big 12 South school.

"I would say that Nebraska is right up there with Oklahoma State. I would say that Nebraska is tied for first with Oklahoma State. They are both right up there."

Look for the both of Vestal and Wheeler to get back up to Lincoln later in the season for an official visit. They were unable to get anything to set a visit up right now though.

"We have to look into that with our football schedule. I think that we have some Thursday night games this year and that will allow us to get up on a Saturday."

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