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In the years of Tom Osborne and Charlie McBride there were great athletes at the linebacker positions. One of the reasons is because players like Ed Stewart and Jamel Williams were safeties who were recruited to play the outside linebacker positions at Nebraska. Nebraska is looking to really upgrade the athleticism at the linebacker position and just offered a safety to play linebacker.

High school safety, Tommie Saunders, from San Antonio (Texas) Madison is a long safety that can really run and can really hit. Saunders just picked up an offer from the same school that a former Madison defensive back now plays for.

"Yeah, I just got a Nebraska offer," Saunders said. "I just got the offer a couple of days ago so the news is getting out quick. Andrew Green texted me on the way home about it.

"He told me that the coaches really liked me and that they wanted to talk to me. Nebraska offered me as a linebacker. They want me to play WILL in college."

It's clear that Saunders is intrigued by the new offer. He is eager to get up to Lincoln to really check everything out and he's hopeful that it's everything that he hopes it is.

"I just want to get up there. I don't know, there is just something about that offer that makes me want to just get up there and hopefully I will really like it."

Saunders said that the offer came out of left field a bit. It was a good shock to get an offer like that. Saunders just wasn't expecting it.

"The offer came out of no where. It's not a bad thing that it was surprising or shocking. I just wasn't expecting that offer."

It's clear that Saunders and Andrew Green are close. Of course they played in the same defensive backfield last year and Saunders has heard some things from Green about Lincoln already.

"Andrew and I are really tight. We played in the same secondary in high school. Green has told me a lot about Nebraska and told me about the campus."

The one question that might loom is how does Saunders feel about playing linebacker?

"I don't mind moving down to linebacker in college. You move closer to the line and I think that you can get more tackles that way. I like the idea of getting after the quarterback. It's a little more action."

The Nebraska offer is added to an already impressive list of offers. Saunders tried to name them all off of the top of his head, but isn't sure if he got them all.

"I have offers from Florida State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Minnesota, Texas Tech, Kansas, LSU and that's about it."

Saunders is specifically looking for a school where he can come in and play early. He also would like to stay closer to home and have a good relationship with the coaching staff.

"I am looking for early playing time. If it comes down to red shirting at a school then I really don't mind. I am also looking at the distance from home and the relationship with the coaches."

Of course, Nebraska has some making up to do, but that making up might come from areas other than more effort. Nebraska has a bit of an ace in the hole with Saunders because of Andrew Green already being in Lincoln.

"It adds to it a lot. We have played together on defense before and he's going to be straight up about everything. I am going to make the trip to Nebraska one of my official visits." >

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