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One of the players that I am sure the Nebraska staff wishes was up at the Junior Day last week is still considering visiting Nebraska, unofficially. Time is running out to make that trip, but even if time does run out this recruit is planning on taking an official visit to Nebraska too. What does this recruit like about Nebraska?

At 6-foot-2.5 and 200-pounds, Harvey Jackson from Sugar Land (Texas) Hightower is a long safety that can really run (4.6/40). The summer is winding down and Jackson is getting an itch to get back out on the field.

"The summer is going alright," Jackson said. "I am looking forward to getting back out on the field soon."

Jackson has been busy this summer. He has been really working on improving his speed.

"I was working on my speed. I was really working on my vertical speed; trying to get faster."

Hightower should have a very good team this year and the expectations for the team are extremely high. While making it to state is one goal, what they do in the playoffs is another.

"We want to make it to state and then beat everybody. We have some high expectations this year at Hightower."

Jackson has also been busy on the recruiting trail this summer. He has been to see two Big 12 teams so far and with not a lot of time yet he still might take another trip.

"I went to Oklahoma and to Oklahoma State this summer and that's it. I might make another trip this summer still. I am not sure."

Jackson also isn't sure who he will see on his official trips. Jackson hasn't given it any thought at all.

"I haven't thought about where I will take my official visits yet, but I know that I am going to use them. I am really undecided who I will see on those trips."

Jackson does claim that there is one school that will get an official visit. He also said that he would like to see this school on an unofficial visit too.

"I know that I am going to go up to Nebraska. I am going to take an unofficial and an official visit there to Nebraska.

"I haven't decided yet when to go up for the unofficial visit. I really need to get the money together to buy the plane ticket and then I will go. It will be soon."

The recruiting coach for Jackson is really doing the trick. Jackson feels like he is really starting to build that relationship with his recruiting coach.

"I really like Coach Mike Ekeler at Nebraska and I know that Nebraska has great tradition. They really are pretty close to home and I know that I can do good there.

"Coach Ekeler is real personable and down to Earth. He's real easy to talk to and that helps in developing that player-coach relationship. I talk to him quite a bit."

"I am going to try and take some during the season. I know that I have a bye week and that will be about it. The rest of them might have to wait until after the season."

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