Official Visit Update - Titus Brothers

Nebraska had a good number of official visitors this weekend, DB, Titus Brothers being one of them. See what kind of time this standout from Texas had while he spent his weekend in Lincoln.

Titus Brothers -Converse, TX (Judson HS)- (CB-5'11-188-4.3/40) Titus Brothers having just returned from his Nebraska visit was cool and calm as ever. "It was a good time, I liked the school." That may sound unflattering to some, but you have to understand Titus is laid back and his approach to everything is pretty reserved.

Titus also goes out of his way to avoid finding his leader until calmer heads prevail "I told myself after TCU that I wouldn't even think about having a leader. It's the same thing with Nebraska. I enjoyed myself but until I relax and think about my schools fairly I'm not going to decide a leader." Perhaps some other recruits should use this same process. While it may seem strung out to some, once Titus verbals there will be no going back.

One of the major differences from my last interview with Titus is that he will not be taking an official to Arkansas "I've seen the campus before, I know I would probably learn more about the school and academics if I took an official, but I think I do have a good idea about what they have to offer." Without getting an official Arkansas, along with TCU and Nebraska round out his top three.

One thing seemed evident when talking to Titus; the recruiting process is wearing on him. He may be calm, he may be relaxed, but you can tell when someone's starting to wear a bit around the edges. I feel this is most likely one of the main factors for not going to Arkansas this upcoming weekend. Titus also confirmed my thoughts when I asked if he would drag this out to signing day and he answered, "I'm going to sit down later this week and weigh the schools I'm looking at. There's no way this is lasting till signing day."

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