Official Visit Update - CB, Mike Jenkins

It wasn't a trip back home for Mike Jenkins. Quite the opposite. From the sunny state of Florida to the sometimes frigid state of Nebraska, the only thing home about Lincoln was a best friend that was part of the Huskers. Would the presence of that friend, (Fabian Washington) have an effect on what Mike and what he ultimately decides? Check the update to find out.

Mike Jenkins - CB - 5-11,180,4.5/40 - Bradenton, FL (Southeast) - Even without stepping foot on the campus of the University of Nebraska, Mike wasn't surprised about his visit. Either from everything he's heard, seen on TV or heard from one of his best friends, starting CB, Fabian Washington, Mike was so familiar that nothing really surprised him that much. Well, almost nothing. "I wasn't expecting how cold it would be." Mike said. "Fabian told me that I better bring all my clothes, but I didn't have a jacket on when I got off the plane, so it caught me a little bit."

It wasn't enough to deter Mike though as he was expecting this kind of weather if not realizing just how cold that kind of weather could be.

There has been much speculation by everyone that NU is the place for Jenkins. With such close ties to NU like Fabian, it should have been only a matter of time. It still might be that, but Mike isn't a Husker quite yet, but don't think it wasn't for the lack of trying. Washington was doing his best to make Jenkins a future blackshirt. "Yeah, he was trying, but I just have one visit to go and then, I can make my decision."

That one trip is Clemson and though you think all the pressure is on Mike to decide, it would appear it's squarely on the shoulders of the Tigers. Mike may have not committed, but he let his feelings known about where his mind is right now. "If I don't see what I want to see, I will probably go to Nebraska." Jenkins stated.

And what does he want to see? "Tradition, fan-following, I get along with the players. Just everything I expect of a place like that, I want to see that, but it has to be better than other places I have seen."

That visit as you would expect is next week and expect a decision from Mike soon following. "I will probably make it after I get home." Mike said.

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