Bobby's Grades - Nebraska vs. Colorado

Check out the latest grades on your Nebraska men's basketball team and they get a much needed win, beating CU in overtime, 80-77.

Huskers vs. Colorado Buffaloes Report Card

Huskers win in OT 80-77!! Box Score

Offense: B+

Who was that offense on the floor posing as Nebraska?!?! It wasn't a perfect performance by any means, but coming of their worst showing this season against Texas A&M, the Huskers showed a lot of heart against CU. They put up 68 points in regulation and added 12 in the extra period. John Turek finally put together a performance to be proud of this year with 10 quick points in the first half and finished with an efficient 16 points. Andrew Drevo, Nate Johnson, and Brennon Clemmons all stepped up with big games offensively. It was a fun game to watch after a span of games that were almost unbearable. An offensive performance like this could lead to a few more wins this season.

Best: Turek – 7-9 FG for 16 points. John was more aggressive than he has ever been in his career and it came against a huge presence in David Harrison. He finally took the ball straight up and towards the hoop instead of fading away.

Worst: Corey Simms – 2-8 FG for 8 points. Corey had a rough night shooting, but he played such terrific defense that this can be excused.

Defense: B+

The defense was not perfect, but it was close. The Buffaloes scored quite a few points, but a lot of the credit must be given to Colorado for that result. Nebraska forced CU to take extremely difficult shots throughout the game and Blair Wilson, Michel Morandais, and others made quite a few of those. Corey Simms had a hand in the face of his man all night and the big men did a very good job shutting down Harrison and Stephane Pelle. Some amazing blocks were negated by horrible foul calls. It was a typical high-energy defensive effort from Nebraska.

Best: Drevo – 2 steals and one "block". Andrew had an amazing block in the second half as he came from behind to absolutely stuff the Buffalo shooter, but unfortunately the referee felt that Drevo committed a foul.

Worst: Whoever was guarding Blair Wilson. The player presumably named after the "Facts of Life" character had a huge night with 24 points and was given too many open shots. Often with a hand in his face, Blair showed why he is a poor man's Kyle Korver with some of his 3-point shots.

Rebounding: B

Nebraska was outrebounded by four, 44-40, but that was still a decent job against an imposing Colorado frontcourt. Giving up 16 offensive rebounds is unacceptable, but boxing out seven-footer David Harrison is easier said than done. Every Husker starter had at least six rebounds, so there is very little to complain about unless you feel that it is Nebraska's fault for not being taller!

Best: The Starters combined for almost every single rebound with Corey Simms leading the way with 8 by himself. He is amazing sometimes on the glass considering his size.

Worst: Noboby who played meaningful minutes performed below average. All in all, it was a good night on the boards.

Free Throw Shooting: C+

The production from the line progressively got worse as the game went on. The first half was 7-of-8, but the second half and overtime combined was 15-of-24. It was an ugly game for both teams from the stripe with each allowing the other team a chance to tie or win many times down the stretch. Thank goodness Michel Morandais was only 5-of-10 for the Buffs or this game may have ended up as a loss.

Best: Clemmons – 4-4 FT. Brennon came back strong from the poor performance against the Aggies to knock down all four attempts. Great job BC! Corey Simms also had a great night as he went 4-of-5.

Worst: Drevo – 6-10 FT. The big man struggled from the line and it almost cost the team. Nate Johnson also had his problems as he went 6-of-9.

Overall: B+

This was a great win for Nebraska. They needed this to regain some confidence in their game without Jake Muhleisen and they did that with this win. Nate Johnson stepped up his game and John Turek finally had a game, which led to the win in overtime. The officiating was brutal on both ends for both teams and really took away some of the flow of the game. A lot of fine plays were taken away because of foul calls and obvious make-up calls were also made. In the end though, the Huskers came out on top and it may lead to a few more victories this year than previously thought.

Up Next: @ Kansas St.

After destroying Texas Tech at home, the Wildcats have come back to earth with losses at Colorado and Kansas. K-State, like Colorado, has an excellent frontcourt led by Pervis Pasco. This is a potential victory, but since it is away from home the likelihood of a win is drastically reduced. If Nebraska can pull this one off, then winning at Iowa St. could also happen, but until the Huskers show they can win away from home I have to pick against them. Prove me wrong Big Red!!

Prediction: Kansas St. 65 Nebraska 63

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