Huskers in pursuit of Jacobs

A few weeks ago Damien Jacobs, the defensive tackle from Gray (LA.), made a trip to Tallahassee to get an up-close look at the Seminoles, and the early scuttlebutt was a commitment could come at any time thereafter. Now that some time has passed, the mammoth DT gave us the inside scoop on his situation. Do the Huskers still have a chance? Get the latest inside.

With the summer winding down, another year of high school is right around the corner. And while many students dread the start of school, Damien Jacobs says he can't wait to get going.

"We start back school tomorrow (8/10). I'm ready to go back though, summer went by pretty quick and I'm glad. I think we are going to have a good team this year, with a real stout defensive line. I wish the season started tomorrow, I'm just ready to play."

Are you going to play any offense this year?

"I don't know, if coach needs me there I will. He was talking about trying me out at tight end a little once we get the pads on, sounds good to me. I'm up to 6-foot-4, and 295 pounds and I feel faster than last year."

I see your boy Elliot Porter committed to LSU, what happened with that?

"Yeah, he called me like two nights before he committed and I said ‘are you about to commit', and he said ‘you are going to hear about it soon'. Then the next day my coach told me he committed to LSU. I couldn't believe he took that offensive line offer, I thought he liked defense. I told him sometimes you got to do things for you and not for other people. But he doesn't call me as much anymore, because he knows what I'm going to tell him.

"I was reading online how people think that we would both commit to LSU on the spot if they offered, but I'm not going to be like that.

"Like I told him, any D-1 school could be on top. He was talking about the past but I said I've got to look towards the future and see who might be good then. I tried telling him that but he doesn't want to hear it."

On the recruiting front, it was almost a forgone conclusion that Damien would show up on the Seminoles commit list shortly after his visit last month. But Damien said while the thought crossed his mind, he came to the conclusion to wait it out.

"I had a good time over there, but I didn't commit to them. I got to know the coaches pretty good and I'll probably go back for an official. But I need to see some other schools before I commit anywhere, it just wasn't time yet."

Have you narrowed anything down yet, or did you get any new offers?

"I've been hearing a lot lately from all the schools that have offered me. Like mostly FSU, Nebraska, Ole Miss and Arkansas, maybe another school here or there. But I've been hearing from some other big programs too, but they haven't offered yet.

"I'm still wide open on schools, I kind of have a top 2 or 3 but I don't want to put it out there yet."

What about contact with Nebraska, have you spoken to coach Papuchis recently?

"Oh, I just talked to coach J.P. the other day, I speak with him every week, and I'll probably call him again today or tomorrow. He sends me emails all the time, and I give him a call whenever I can. He sends me a lot of mail about the school, the facilities, and he talks with me about all the history at Nebraska.

"He is just a real cool guy, with a nice sense of humor, we laugh about stuff a lot. From what I can tell so far, he would be a good coach to play for. I can tell coach J.P. really wants me at Nebraska, so that feels good."

So how do you see things playing out, will you make an early commitment or wait and take some officials?

"I would like to try to take 2 or 3 officials, just you know, so I can see what goes on at these other programs. I've only been to a few schools so I need to see what else these others might have to offer. I haven't decided on where I might take my officials yet, but I should know in the next month or so.

"I don't have like a top 5 yet, but maybe pretty soon I'll come out with it, so I can start setting up these officials.

Big Red Report will continue to track the recruitment of Damien Jacobs, and bring you the information on his official visit destinations as we get them.

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