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With defensive end being a high priority for the Husker staff, a recent offer from Nebraska went out to a talented pass rusher from Missouri named Kony Ealy. With several BCS offers already in hand, does the late entry by Nebraska hurt their chances? Kony gives us the facts about his recruitment in this latest update.

It seems players across the country are getting offers earlier and earlier every year. Many players carry major D-1 offers before their senior year even begins. Such is the case with Kony Ealy, from Central high school in New Madrid (MO.).

"I've already been offered by several schools so far. I think Arkansas was my first one. Since then I've gotten them from a few others. Georgia Tech, Memphis, Missouri, Illinois and now Nebraska have all offered. Those are the main ones I'm looking at right now.

"I have quite a few more, but I would have to ask my coach, he keeps up with all that stuff for me."

On the high school level Kony, known as "the freak" to his friends, lines up all over the field. But for college, he has his mind set on one position.

"I play defensive end, wide receiver, tight end, fullback and outside linebacker. Our coaches switch it up on defense with a 3-4 and a 4-3. So I have my hand in the dirt sometimes, other times I'm standing up. Some schools have talked with me about playing tight end in college, but I see myself as a defensive end. I will play defense in college."

Why all the offers, what do you bring to the football field?

"Well I'm 6-foot-6 and weigh around 230 pounds right now and coaches say they like my size and speed (4.65). I have been playing football since the 4th grade, I just like to hit. I had 13 sacks last year, probably should have had closer to 20.

"I feel like I am the hungriest player on the field at all times. I consider myself a quarterback, running back and wide receiver nightmare. The last thing they want to see is me about to hit them."

With Kony being born and raised in the state of Missouri, he was asked if staying in Big 12 country was something that attracts him.

"It really doesn't matter to me, I'm just trying to get somewhere that I can get a good education. I just want to play for a real good program known for getting the best out of their players. It won't be the deciding factor, but staying closer to home would help my family out with seeing some of my games in person."

Kony was then asked about the contact from Nebraska, and how it all got started.

"I just started getting mail from Nebraska this month, maybe a few letters last month. I kind of let my coach handle everything right now. He told me a few days ago that Nebraska offered me.

"In one of the letters I got from Nebraska, it had a number for me to call, its coach J.P.'s number. I haven't talked to him yet, but I'm about to give him a call. I hope he knows I haven't forgot about him, I've been practicing so much at school I haven't had a chance to call any coaches, but I plan to call coach J.P. very soon."

Where are you at in the process, do you have any leaders at this point?

"I have no favorites, whoever puts the most on the table has the best chance to get me. I didn't have a favorite team growing up or anything either. I always just watched a little bit of everybody. It's not like there is one offer out there that would make me commit as soon as I got it. I'm open to everybody."

So you don't see yourself making an early decision.

"No, I want to wait until my senior season is over before I take any visits. I want to focus on my high school team first, I owe that to my teammates and coaches. I'll worry about these college programs after I'm done with all that."

Finally Kony talked about the criteria he is looking for in a college.

"I'd like a school that's not too far from home, but not real close either. I just want to feel like I am at college, not just down the road from the house.

"I am going to major in Business Management, so I want a school that has a strong program in that. And you know, great coaches who will push me to be the best I can be."

At this point, Kony said he was unsure as to where he might take his official visits. He plans to narrow things down later, and then "pick 3 or 4 schools to visit after my senior year". Stay with Big Red Report, as we keep you updated on the recruitment of Kony Ealy.

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