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Mail is just one way a school shows the true interest in a recruit. As you will be able to tell from this story it does wonders when a recruit follows up on that interest back to the school. A simple call was all it took today from this linebacker recruit to move from "getting mail" to "holding an offer". Where do the Huskers stand now that they are the 13th offer to this linebacker?

New offers are trickling out from the Nebraska staff. The newest recruit to pick up an offer from Nebraska is Justin Parker. Parker, a standout linebacker from Beaufort (S.C.) just got the offer today.

"Yes I did!" said Parker. "I called and spoke to the linebacker coach at Nebraska (Mike Ekeler). He offered me over the phone."

The offer from Nebraska isn't entirely out of left field. Parker actually called Nebraska today to tell them that he was interested in them. He and his family thought that it would be tough to show their interest in Nebraska based solely on geography.

"I got mail from Nebraska. I was just calling them (Nebraska) back to let them know that I was definitely interested in them.

"Being from South Carolina, they might never know that I was interested. My brother encouraged me to call to tell them that I was interested."

Parker has family in Nebraska which makes this a little more interesting. He was looking forward to calling his family in Nebraska a little later today to give them the news.

"I do have ties to the state of Nebraska. I have family all over the country, but I have cousins in Omaha. I haven't called to tell them yet. I am going to let them know."

If you watch Parker's film, he moves very well for a MIKE. More than that though, he is a big MIKE that moves well. He has been working hard at improving his speed.

"I am 6-foot-2.5 and almost 6-foot-3. I am also up around 230-pounds right now too. I just ran a 4.62/40 a couple of weeks ago. I have worked hard all summer."

Parker is solid, all the way around as a player, but if you ask him he will note his positives and negatives. He has been working had at coverage, but has done it before and done it well.

"I'm a great open-field tackler. I can also go sideline to sideline. I am also always where the ball is and I have great instincts. I have been improving on my pass coverage.

"I played outside linebacker my sophomore year and actually had seven interceptions. I caught three of them with a cast on my hand. I will play wherever a team needs me to play."

Parker isn't quite sure which position Nebraska is looking at his to play, but he thinks that it's as a MIKE. Either way, Parker just wants an opportunity to come in and compete.

"Coach Ekeler didn't say it, but he hinted at it. He really gave me a rundown more of what they have there at Nebraska on the depth chart. It doesn't matter to me. I just want to compete."

With Nebraska formally throwing their hat into the ring it's all about figuring out when it will work to get Parker out for an official visit. Parker said that he just got the schedule and only knows who will be traveling with him.

"Coach Ekeler actually just sent me a schedule. I am going to sit down and look at it with my brother. I don't know which game I will be able to attend yet.

"I do know that my brother will be attending with me. I am the youngest of seven kids. I have three older brothers and three older sisters. It was my brother who encouraged me to call."

Nebraska's offer makes it a "baker's dozen" for Parker. Nebraska also isn't the only or the furthest away Big 12 school for Parker to consider out of his list of offers.

"Right now, I have 13 offers. I have offers from South Carolina and Clemson, the two in-state schools; I also have offers from North Carolina State, Maryland, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Colorado, South Florida, Central Florida, ECU and Mississippi State."

Where a school is in relationship to South Carolina is being a little blown out of proportion according to Parker. A family environment can bridge distance and academics are number one.

"Distance isn't a problem. In one of my first interviews it was kind of said that I would be staying in the area to go to school and that wasn't right.

"If it feels like family close to home or far away then it doesn't matter. I am looking for a family oriented place. Academics are #1 with me though."

Parker is favoring the two schools that he knows. After the talk today with Coach Ekeler, it's clear that Nebraska is intriguing to him and he would like to make a trip to Lincoln as soon as he can.

"My favorites, I would have to say that I like the in-state schools because I have seen them and I have been there. After talking to Coach Ekeler though today has me wanting to see Nebraska soon."

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