Welcome to another edition of TAKE ONE and we could title this one THE HEAT IS ON. And THIS time, it has nothing to do with coaches, except all that feel good-squishy-mushy stuff that makes you just say, "awwwwwwwwww". Ok, maybe not, but good news all over as recruiting season is just about ready to wind down, but before all that, there's still a lot of noise to make. Check out our latest edition of TAKE ONE.


LB, Lance Broadus told Nebraska that he would be a future Husker. This marks a major plus for NU as they have been in a funk for linebackers since early on in the season when they got Bo Ruud and Steve Craver. Corey McKeon helped that class a lot, but the middle linebacker position just got a huge addition with this multi-star stud.

Give it up to Tim Albin for helping to get his first commit and prove that all that hyperactive energy is a great thing, especially when coupled with the knowledge and passion Albin has for the Nebraska program and the direction they are going to take on both sides of the ball.

And, as Broadus told me, Bo Pelini and his just coming from the NFL as a linebacker coach didn't hurt at all either.

By the way, in my last TAKE ONE, I gave you my prediction for the next Husker commit and who was that? YEAH, LANCE BROADUS, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, if I can just get the next 524 predictions right, I'm back to .500.

Check out the audio interview HC did with Lance following his commit to NU.

Nice job Jeremy in getting that story out before anyone else and making my prediction Golden.

TE, J.B. Phillips - Yep, he's a Husker. Just last night, he made it official after a visit from Scott Downing. J.B. is a physical type tight end that fits the mold of NU's TE's already in that he's a good blocker, but he's eager to get the chance to catch some balls in Downing's new system.


Donald Defrand is supposedly going to be a Husker. Everyone has said it, except him. Heck, we are saying it to, but he's been a likely Husker since his visit back from Nebraska. He's going to be a great addition to NU's growing CB class once he makes the move official.

Mike Jenkins has one more visit to go and he's Husker bound? That's the way it looks to us here at HC. Mike is a bit bigger than his best friend, Fabian Washington and though he isn't quite as fast, he's got great cover skills and as you would expect, is at his best in the "bump n' run".

Titus Brothers is down to TCU and Nebraska and though NU lost Will Oliver to the Horned Frogs, this one has a slightly better chance for NU. Granted, if Jenkins and Defrand do pull the trigger before Titus decides, this could have an impact, but we think he's hot for Lincoln. Yeah, that's corny, but sounded good.

How about some other guys that are certainly on the radar, but are they blips coming in, standing still or on their way out the door?

Well, I will give you what I think and you can take pot shots at me for thinking it. Here goes.

The issue behind Calvin Roberts has been an interesting one. So interesting, some Husker fans are having flashbacks of Adrian Mayes. Calvin is supposedly a Husker to be, but the speculation by yours truly is that he's looking for something. What, I don't know, but Nebraska is like a fall back plan for him if that something doesn't materialize.

Calvin has even said this, but it still makes you wonder about quotes indicating that he might just commit to Oklahoma State if he likes it there. Who's playing who?

I can tell you one thing though, until the ink is dry on this one, I won't be convinced of any place he might go.

Clinton Polk just got another verbal offer from another in-state school. Arizona State has proven itself to be a very good recruiting school and Koetter, a very good recruiter in his own right. It's becoming hard to pull kids out of there since the days of Mike Brown. Polk has all the potential to be not just a good running back, but good at a variety of positions. His dad though will have a big influence here and his dad wants what most any dad wants, a place where his son can grow physically but mentally as well.

Omar Conner seems to be the topic of recent discussion. All those passing yards, his size, his speed and just about everything else, Husker fans are drooling and the possibility of him being a Husker. Though NU's future system might fit him better than the old one, I would see it hard for NU to pull him out of Mississippi. Conner would be a huge get, but I don't see it happening.

Earl Everett is another that just screams at people, but ironically enough, most Husker fans are drooling over him for a position that he doesn't want to play at Nebraska. This all-everything linebacker has a passion for QB, but as quarterbacks go, Earl fits the mold of most recent NU signers in that he has potential, but is definitely a young man that will have to work on his passing once he's here. Does that means he's out of sight for NU? No, but if you want to put this in percentages, you are trying to get a kid out of Florida, that's bad. You also are banking on a kid that has NFL stars in his eyes and knows that NU doesn't send quarterbacks to the NFL as quarterbacks and as a linebacker, his chances become very good and his exposure can't be topped down in the sunshine state. Percentages to get Everett to NU are at around 10%.

Joe Thomas is a kid that NU (or anyone else for that matter) would die to get their hands on. Did you see him in the All-American game against Kyle Caldwell? This kid is a stud, flat out. Great hands, great feet and is fundamentally very sound. And STRONG. This guy is a friggen OX. NU's chances though are not the best. As always, ND usually beats NU in recruiting. (See Tommy Z most recently), but it's not always like that. Joe could be going to Wisconsin. Joe says everyone is on an even keel right now and you know what, they may be, but consider this an upset of sorts if Nebraska reels him in.

Daryl Johnson is another that has gotten some stirrings going and for good reason. He's ab

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