Huskers offer Florida LB

It's clear that the evaluating isn't over for Nebraska. The Huskers are likely looking to take two linebacker recruits, one inside and one outside, this year and another offer has been extended to an outside linebacker. This linebacker can go sideline to sideline from his outside position, but is very physical and gets up and fills the hole too. Does Nebraska have a shot with this linebacker?

At 6-foot-0 and 203-pounds, Quayshawn Nealy is a violent linebacker to watch on film. The standout from Lakeland (Flor.) recently picked up an offer from Nebraska.

"I did get a Nebraska offer," Nealy said. "I would say that I got that offer three or four days ago. I haven't spoken with anyone at Nebraska, but they emailed me.

"They emailed me and it all comes into me over my phone, so we were able to communicate that way. We were able to email each other back and forth that day."

Nealy recently announced that he has a top two. The Huskers have their work cut out for them to find a way to get Nealy looking a little further north after he does some research.

"I would say that my top two are still Ole Miss and Georgia. Nebraska is a great school and the offer is a good opportunity. I really need to do some more research on Nebraska to see what they have to offer."

The Nebraska staff has told Nealy that they were impressed with his film. "I know that Nebraska likes be as an outside linebacker. I think that it's more as a WILL. Coach Mike Ekeler said that they really love my film."

If you see Nealy on film it's clear why he is holding so many offers and why Nebraska extended an offer. He's athletic and physical.

"I would say that I can plug the holes and getting back into coverage. I can also go sideline to sideline and I am a sure tackler."

The summer has gone fast and Nealy was able to take just one trip this summer. He was hoping to see the other team that is in his top two, but he might be stuck waiting for his official visits to do that.

"I was going to take an unofficial visit to Ole Miss, but I haven't been able to. I went up to Georgia on Dawg Night. I am just waiting around to take my official visits."

Nealy isn't sure if he is going to take all five visits or not. He knows about two of them and maybe another school that will get an unofficial visit.

"I am not sure if I will take all five. I will at least take three of them. I will take one to Ole Miss and Georgia for sure. USF is only 30 minutes away, so that might be unofficial. I am debating on the others."

The biggest thing in the way to Nealy looking at Nebraska more is information. After that, Nealy said that it is entirely possible that he could see and read enough on Nebraska to want to take a closer look.

"I really don't know too much about Nebraska. They are just getting into the mix and now I have to research them, their strengths and weaknesses. I have researched the other schools and seen Georgia.

"I haven't had a chance to read or look at anything on Nebraska. I have barely got any letters. After I research them, I might be interested in seeing them. Distance isn't a big deal to me."

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