Reed holding NU offer

It was a quiet year for camps up in Lincoln, but there was a player that set some things abuzz. Dagan Reed, younger brother of current Husker Kyler Reed, came into camp this summer and showed off his athleticism. caught up with Reed before he left Lincoln and apparently some other news happened before he left town.

At 5-foot-11 and 190-pounds, Dagan Reed from Overland Park (Kans.) St. Thomas Aquinas is a force with his 4.55/40 speed. Reed is holding his first college football offer after a camp at Nebraska.

"I did get an offer," Reed said. "It was right after camp. I got called back to come up and meet with Bo Pelini. I hadn't even left town yet and I got the offer."

Reed's initial reaction to the offer was shock. He didn't think that he would get an offer so soon, but it was good to get that first one.

"I was surprised to get the offer. I didn't expect to pick one up so quickly. It's good to get that offer to know that you will get a chance to play college football."

Dagan's brother is Kyler Reed, a tight end that could see a lot of time this year at Nebraska. While his brother is already at Nebraska, Dagan doesn't expect that his brother will push him to Lincoln.

"My brother isn't going to apply any pressure or try to persuade me to come to Lincoln. A lot of the coaches like to tease Kyler about me and a little rivalry.

"I really haven't thought all that much about going to play at Nebraska with Kyler. I am really taking my time with this and the whole process."

Dagan is more of a standout running back in high school, but he thinks that the Nebraska staff likes him on defense. He also can see himself playing defense.

"I think that Nebraska likes me in the secondary somewhere; ether as a safety or a cornerback possibly. I play running back in high school.

"I can see myself playing as a safety in college. I understand that the needs of the team in high school are just different and they are going to play you where they need you."

Aquinas finds themselves trying to replace 43 seniors and around 18 starters. Reed said that it's been a challenge, but hard work is paying off for the team this summer.

"We lost 43 seniors from last year. I think that we lost 10 starters on offense and 7 or 8 on defense. We have worked hard this summer and I think that it should be a good season. It will be fun."

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