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With Nebraska offers going out to two of his teammates, Austin Hill becomes the third member of his Corona high school squad to receive and offer from the Huskers. Hill, who is also related to '09 Husker commit Andrew Green, gave Big Red Report the latest on his recruitment in this exclusive update.

With a 6-foot-3 and 195 pound frame and a 40 time of 4.5 seconds, Austin Hill from Eleanor Roosevelt high school in California has plenty of college suitors looking his way. But for now, his high school team is still his top priority.

"I'm glad I have all these offers to this point, I guess it means I've been doing something right. But I still have one more year of high school left before I can really concentrate on college. I want to go out a winner my last year here."

Who has offered you so far?

"I might forget one or two, but I have Nevada, Utah, UNLV, Colorado State, Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, Northwestern and Nebraska. I think that is all of them."

I hear your father was a pretty good player back in the day as well.

"My dad played pro football for 14 years, his name is David Hill. He played for the Rams and the Lions, he was a tight end. Both my older brothers were pretty good players too. My oldest brother played at Oregon State, with Chad Johnson and all those guys. My other brother played at a smaller D-2 school in Texas."

What about your recruitment, who would you say is recruiting you the hardest as of right now?

"Probably Arizona or Northwestern, I hear from them a lot. Northwestern emails me a lot and Arizona has been on me real hard lately, and I think they are an up and coming team that's should be pretty good in the future. They have some good young quarterbacks, and they like to throw the football."

Nebraska has also already made offers to a few of his teammates.

"Me, Harold Mobley and Joshua Mitchell all have offers from Nebraska. Harold and Joshua, those are my boys, we are like brothers. I think we are all three going to try to visit Nebraska when they play Oklahoma."

Have you been in contact with the Husker staff since they offered?

"I have been trying to email coach Carl Pelini, because I wanted to take an official out there with my teammate Harold Mobley. I think we are supposed to go to the Oklahoma game. But he hasn't got back in touch with me or answered any of my emails. So then I started trying to email the wide receiver coach, but he hasn't got back with me either.

"Maybe they have the wrong email address or something, I don't know. I definitely want to take an official out there to Nebraska."

Did you grow up rooting for a specific team? Is there a school out there you would commit to on the spot if they offered?

"I didn't follow any California teams. I was always a Florida State fan growing up. I don't know why I liked them but I just did. But I wouldn't just commit if they offered."

What about distance from home, will that play a factor at all?

"No, I don't care if it's here or there. It doesn't matter to me where the school is honestly."

Are you still wide open or do any of these teams standout to you at this point?

"Right now, I would have to put Nebraska in there, I'd like to take my first official there. I like Arizona and Utah a lot too, I'll probably take officials there also. Those other two officials are still open, but those would probably be my top three right now."

Do you see yourself committing early, maybe late, how are you approaching it?

"I think I would like to take as many officials as I can, but I don't know yet. I really don't see the point of committing before I see the school. How will I know if I like that program if I don't see it up-close myself? I want to see the city's these schools are in, to see if I could live there for 4 or 5 years."

And in a strange twist, Hill is also related to a commit from the '09 recruiting class, Andrew Green. And according to Hill, Andrew is already talking up the Huskers.

"Yeah, my cousin Andrew Green already goes to Nebraska. And his little brother (Aaron Green) is going to be a beast too. Aaron was even talking to me about Nebraska, he was like ‘if you, me and my brother all go to Nebraska, that would be sick'. There is a big family connection there."

Austin plans to major in either Science or some form of Mathematics once he arrives in college. Big Red Report will keep tabs on the recruitment of Austin Hill, so stay tuned.

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