Burnett wants to see Nebraska

Culver City (Calif.) linebacker, Victor Burnett, is sitting on some big offers including offers from Tennessee, Oklahoma, Cal, Washington, Arizona and Arizona State. Still, the Huskers have been "keeping up with the Jones" and have been doing a good job recruiting Burnett. Burnett says that he would like to take an official visit to see Nebraska.

Victor Burnett is chomping at the bit to get back on the field. The 6-foot-2 and 225-pound linebacker from Culver City (Calif.) had 182 tackles, 17 for loss, 10 sacks, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery last year.

"I am real excited to get back on the field," Burnett said. "I have been working on my man to man coverage, guarding the slot receivers. I have also been working on my speed and I have just been working on my hips."

Burnett is getting looks to play at a couple of the linebacker positions possibly. However, he has only played one through high school, but thinks that he could adjust to playing another in college.

"Schools like Oklahoma really like me just as a MIKE linebacker. Then again, other schools have told me that I could play either MIKE or WILL in college.

"I play MIKE right now. I am more comfortable there. This is my fourth year playing MIKE. I am a quick learner though and know I could make the transition."

The first official visit for Burnett is set for the first weekend in September. After that, Burnett is considering taking a visit to Nebraska, but nothing is set up for him at this time to see Lincoln.

"I have on official visit planned so far and that is to Washington and that is over the first weekend of September 4th. I spoke to Coach Mike Ekeler with Nebraska and we are talking about dates. Nothing is set up yet."

While the Huskers look like they are in line to get one of the remaining four visits after that it's definitely up in the air. Burnett is looking at a few other teams to fill his remaining visits.

"Nebraska is definitely a school that I would like to take an official visit to that I haven't set up yet. In the mix for the others are Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arizona and beyond that it's hard to tell. I am considering everyone."

One angle that Burnett admits he is paying attention to is early playing time. While Burnett says that he likes the idea of playing early, it's not going to make or break his decision for a school.

"I am not going to say that it's not something that is going to intrigue me, but at the same time that it's something that it's a factor with me and a school. Then again, I am not basing the main part of my decision based on playing time."

The Huskers have told Burnett that there is a chance to come in and compete. While the opportunity is there for him to potentially play early, he won't get thrown to the wolves if he's not ready.

"Nebraska has told me that there are spots that they could use me to come in and play early, but that they weren't going to force anyone to play early. There is the possibility to come in and play early there."

Burnett isn't paying lip service to Nebraska. Burnett has stayed in contact with Nebraska and has a good feeling about the situation in Lincoln that potentially is there for him.

"They are in my top schools that I am considering. They are just a school that I have a feeling about. I talk to Coach Mike Ekeler all the time and I just have a real good feeling about Nebraska."

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