Quentin Castille dismissed from the team

Quentin Castille had been held out of practices since yesterday. Not much had been said about Castille or his status on the team, but today Bo Pelini commented on the situation.

Head Coach Bo Pelini issued the following statement after Saturday's practice.

"Quentin Castille has been dismissed from the football team. He is no longer a member of the football team. We have guidelines, we have policies that we've set up here, we have a culture we have set up here. It's pretty black and white my expectations and what we lay out as a staff, and if someone doesn't follow those policies and guidelines, they're no longer going to be with the program, and that's the case with Quentin. We wish him luck. He's a good kid, he's just not going to be with our program anymore. I wish him luck in the future."

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