Projecting The Depth Chart: Quarterback

The Depth chart is starting to get sorted out, but not all the way, and not from the very top to the bottom. Well, going by position, as we continue the countdown to the start of the season, we do just that. Let's start with the quarterbacks.

Projected Depth Chart
Position Player Change
1 Jr. - Zac Lee
2 Fr. - Cody Green
3 Jr. - Latravis Washington
4 Fr. - Taylor Martinez
5 Fr. - Ron Kellogg Jr.
6 Jr. - Joe Broekemeier
7 RsFr. - Kody Spano*

Notes: The battle between Green and junior Latravis Washington, has seemingly gone back and forth over this Fall. It seemed coming out of the Spring that Washington had a clear advantage. There was potentially some wiggle room there, because it was assumed that Redshirt Freshman Kody Spano would make it back and healthy in time for the season.

The fact that Spano is once again sidelined for the year means that you should see all three of the quarterbacks suit up. But now there's real pressure to find how just who is number two, because with Spano gone, you don't have a single player behind Lee that has better than superficial knowledge of this system. Both Green and Washington were on offense during the Spring and now halfway through the Fall. But that's still a long ways from experienced. As it is, it would seem that for right now, based on what happened last week, Green could have the upper hand.

Needless to say, the loss of Spano means that the team probably needed at least one more arm in the backfield, if only to give some extra looks to the defense without tiring out all the arms of the guys who are slated to play. To that end Ron Kellogg Jr., the son of the former Kansas Jayhawk star, was called up just the day after it happened. And in the last few days Nebraska has added another quarterback in the form of Joe Broekemeier.

Broekemeier actually comes to football via the baseball team, and Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach Shawn Watson said that they didn't really know where to put the junior, so quarterback is where they started. In his first day with the team, he simply  shadowed Zac Lee, seeing what the quarterbacks were doing in the particular drills. But he's actually had a ball in his hand the last couple of practices.

Broekemeier was named the Grand Island Independent Athlete of the Year in the state of Nebraska, as he was a multi-sport athlete for Aurora. Baseball was obviously his forte, but he had a solid career in basketball as well. has him listed at 6-4, but from the good old eyeball test, I'd put him closer to 6-2, maybe a shade under.

When you look at the season, Nebraska will almost certainly have to suit up three quarterbacks for road games, and those right now would obviously be Lee, Green and Washington. Where Washington seems to have fallen off a bit is in his consistency throwing the ball, and perhaps just making consistently good reads. A lot has been said of Green's maturity, but I think people are making a bit much of it. He's a mature kid, yes. But some kids just learn this kind of stuff faster than others. I think Green has managed to catch on, and he used that Summer to his advantage.

As for Martinez, his move to quarterback might stick this year, but I would be surprised if it stayed that way. If he's not amongst the top three, which we don't think he will be, chances are, he's going to be imitating a lot of players from that week's up-coming opponent,as a member of the Scout Team. Not the least of which will be Robert Griffin from Baylor and Tyrod Taylor of Virginia Tech. But we could also see him get moved to various positions simply based on his potential athleticism. I don't see him moving officially from quarterback right now, but depending on how Green does, and, of course, Lee, that will either keep him there or speed up the process in trying to see just where he'll fit in.

What the symbols mean:
- Projected Starter
- Position on depth chart improved
- Position on depth chart down
- Position on depth chart unchanged


*Spano had his season ended again, with another tear of the MCL, and on the same knee as before.

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