Carter ready for season to get underway

With the '09 season upon us, players all across the country are gearing up for the start of football season. Curtis Carter, from Stonewall (La.) is no different, he plans to have a big senior year and help take North Desoto high school deep in the playoffs. In this latest update Curtis talks about the upcoming season, his recruitment, and a possible new Big 12 suitor that has entered the picture.

With his senior season right around the corner, Curtis Carter says he can't wait to start playing the games that count. But before that can start, he and his teammates will have their annual kickoff jamboree this Friday.

You sound worn out?

"I'm about as tired as you can get. They have been killing us out here at practice. I thought the coaches might ease up on us because we have a game tomorrow (jamboree), but it didn't go down like that.

"But we need it to get ready for the season, our coaches know how to get us ready. At least it has cooled down here a little bit, it has been about 88 degrees the last few days. At least it hasn't been like real hot, so I can't complain."

Curtis went on to talk about what one of his typical days entails.

"Our last class of the day is a football class, so our practice starts about 1:30. Then when school lets out at 2:55 we start our real practice. Then it is from 2:55 to about 5:30 or so. It just depends on how much we get done that day. We went full pads this week too, and we lift weights at different times each day."

Last week Curtis played in a scrimmage with his teammates against another local high school team, and he liked what he saw.

"Our quarterback looked real good in that scrimmage, I was impressed. I scored the only touchdown and our defense didn't even let them score at all, so we did real good."

How did you score the touchdown?

"It was like the second play of the game, I took it 75 yards to the house. I lined up at running back in a wing formation and he just pitched it to me, we call it a rocket toss. Then once I got around the corner it was all over, they weren't going to catch me."

On the recruiting front, Carter said he is mainly looking at three schools at the present time.

"I would say I have been mostly talking to Nebraska, Alabama and Missouri. Those three have really started picking up their recruitment of me. I want to try to visit all three, but Nebraska is the only visit I have set up so far. I talk to coach J.P. from Nebraska a lot, and now the other schools have started recruiting me hard too."

But there is another Big 12 program beginning to make a move on Curtis as well.

"Texas A&M has started recruiting me lately. My coach was telling about them today, he said they have a lot of interest in me. They have started calling him I know that, so I'll probably hear from them pretty soon."

He also said he has an idea why the Aggies have entered the picture.

"From what I have heard they are about to lose a wide receiver commit to LSU, Jarrett Fobbs, he is from Louisiana too. Word is LSU is telling him he can play wide receiver now so he will probably switch to LSU soon."

Curtis, like many recruits these days, follows his recruitment over the internet. He said he sometimes gets bewildered by what is reported.

"Some of these guys call me like every other day, and I'm thinking how many stories can you do. The worse part is a lot of these guys ask me the same old questions every time. And a lot of these team websites try to flip it so it sounds good for them. I read some of that and I think "I don't remember saying that", laughed Carter.

But when it comes to his recruitment, Curtis said he is looking forward to his official visit to Nebraska for their game with Texas Tech.

"I just can't wait to get up there for that game, I am so glad that is my first visit. I'm really ready for that game, I'm tired of looking at the place on the internet. I want to see it all for myself, I can wait to meet all the coaches face-to-face."

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