Texas CB Goes Big Red!

As Recruiting season goes for any prospect, it starts with such and such number of teams and as the season rolls along, ends and recruiting season enters and finishes it's hottest time, each hopes that their list is dwindled down to no more than a few. Titus actually had a list of two, TCU and Nebraska. He closed out his recruiting season by choosing the Huskers.

Without knowing anything about this young man, if I told you that he was the best cornerback on the best team, that played in the largest division in all of mighty Texas football, what would you think? Ok, get out the towel. Yeah, wipe the drool from your chin. Sure, he's good.

Good enough that there were plenty of schools trying for him, but only TCU and NU had the most realistic shot in the end. So, why the Huskers? "Basically, it was a tough decision." Titus said. "I thought about it, looked at the pros and cons of both schools, but what it came down to was that Nebraska was Nebraska and it was in the Big XII."

Many fans wondered just how much a season like Nebraska had would hurt recruiting, but as you can see in Brothers' case, it wouldn't seem to have had any affect. In fact, it could have helped (at least to a degree) tip Nebraska as the favorite, because the coaching changes stemming from this last season got a coach in for Brothers that actually turned down the NFL to be at NU. "The fact that he (Sanders) turned down the NFL says something about him being a good coach and has a good backround." Brothers stated. Getting Sanders had another plus to it as well to Titus. "Knowing that he comes from the University of Nebraska, says something about what he knows about the team going in and their philosophy."

That little insight is certainly nice for a guy that has a good idea that he will be on equal footing with some veterans coming in. In reality, this would seem to be the ideal place for a cornerback to make some noise early as not only is he new to the system, but players that have been there for years will have to re-learn a lot of what is expected, all over again. "I think it's kind of advantage (for me)." Titus said. "A new coach, a new philosophy, everyone should be on a clean slate, but they (the players already there) have experience playing on the field (in Division 1-A) and will probably have a better idea of what Nebraska will do than I will initially."

Certain opportunity seems to be there, but alas, the experience factor of playing big-time football, it's always the mountain any new recruit must face. Regardless of talent, speed or instincts, each has to pay their dues to some extent. With all that being said, it doesn't change Titus's goals as a future Husker one bit. "I want to get my education and get comfortable with the team, but after that, I want to show everyone my abilities and show everyone what Texas (talent) is all about." Titus said.

"I just want to go in there relaxed, have some fun and play some great football."

That's what the coaches expect of him and no doubt, that's what each fan expects as well. Fans expect that of all Husker recruits, but considering the kind of luster Brothers is carrying around, those expectations seem justified. Classified as a great cover-corner, having speed to burn (ran a reported 10.3 in the 100 meter) and having great instincts for closing in on the ball, Titus meets all your early criteria for success. Titus's secret for being just that is a little more simplified. "You can't be cocky, but you have to be confident that you can get the job done." Brothers stated. "You are out there playing for your teammates, but most of all, you have to have fun."

"Don't worry about what might happen, just out there and have fun and the rest will take care of itself."

Titus chose Nebraska over TCU, is the third CB commit for Nebraska and marks the 18th commit for Nebraska this recruiting season.

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