Finishing in a flurry, RB, Clinton Polk

It's crunch time for everyone right now. With less than two weeks before signing day, visits are coming in bunches, one right after another. Most recruits don't want to wait this long, but sometimes, the process demands that you take it all the way to the end. That's just what Polk intends to do.

Clinton Polk - Athlete - 6-4, 190, 404/40 - Phoenix, AZ. (Desert Vista) - Fresh off his Nebraska visit, Clinton Polk doesn't have time to reminisce over the good of it all. He's off to Arizona State this coming weekend. It's a visit he's looking forward to, because it being in his state, there's not only certain expectations, but hopes. "I hope it's a good visit." Clinton said. "I mean, I would like to stay closer to home, so if it's a great visit, it makes it a little easier, but I will do what I feel is right for me."

You can't argue with the home state being the favorite, especially after the good year Arizona State had. Schools like Nebraska though and Oregon State (he will visit there on the 31st) will try to change his mind.

There's a lot to like about what Polk offers any team that gets him though. Each team has said that the shot at RB is his. He knows it, but he also knows that if that doesn't work out, he can move and with his size, athleticism and frame, it's not that big of a transition. "I am going to try out for running back." Polk stated. "But, the coaches know I can play more places than that, so that's why most of them tell me they are recruiting me as an athlete."

Definitely an athlete and one that got onto the recruiting scene late, but I bet if you ask fans of the aforementioned schools, that doesn't make him any less exciting of a prospect. Between his rushing yards per carry (14+) or just his size, he's got so much potential in so many areas, he instantly hits that type of versatility factor that all schools demand when they tab any player as an "Athlete".

Right now, it would seem to be easy to say that ASU is the team to beat, but that's without his visit taking place. Clinton is very open to what he will or might not experience there in regards to what he expects, so he made it clear that NU and OSU are still very much in there. The ASU visit though will tell the story of where this recruiting drama ends.

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