NU Basketball grades out

Check out Bobby's latest grades on NU as they dropped another one, this one coming at the hands of the Kansas State Wildcats, 77-53.

Huskers at Kansas St. Wildcats Report Card

Huskers lose ugly 77-53!! Box Score

Offense: F

The only reason this may not be worse than the performance against Texas A&M is because it was on the road. The Huskers only scored 53 points and shot a horrible 31% from the field. It is hard to understand why this team cannot even compete in true road games most of the time. Nebraska was blocked seven times and turned the ball over 14 times, while only managing nine assists. This has not been discussed before, but the assist-to-turnover ratio for this team this year has been awful. The 5-men in the offense concept and great ball movement should result in a lot more assists, but this is not happening. Something needs to fixed and fixed in a hurry on offense. It is too ugly to continue.

Best: Nate Johnson – 5-11 FG, 1-3 3-point for 13 points. It appears that Nate is finally feeling more comfortable in the system and the point production has become more consistent. This was not a great night by any means, but compared to everyone else it was spectacular.

Worst: John Turek and Brennon Clemmons – combined 1-11 FG, 0-2 3-point for 7 points. Why can't John play more than one great game in a row? It is curious as to how he forgot what he played like against Colorado and was unable to duplicate that performance. Brennon gets the benefit of the doubt for one or two more games due to the toes, but 0-5 from the floor is just not good right now. We need you Brennon!! And you too John!! Let's Go!!

Defense: F

The second-best field goal percentage defense in the league decided to take a night off and let the Wildcats run wild. K-St shot nearly 50% for the game with many open looks. Matt Siebrant is a nice talent for Kansas State, but he should not score ten points in a matter of a few minutes at the beginning of the game and finish with 18. Four Wildcats posted double figures in scoring, which has been a rarity for a Nebraska opponent this year. The Huskers cannot continue to give up this many points if they want to look respectable the rest of the year. Poor defense and poor offense is a very bad combination.

Best: Nate Johnson and Brennon Clemmons – 3 steals each. The guards did a pretty nice job in this game. Corey Simms always brings his best defense to the table as well. Hopefully some of those steals can turn into easy fast-break points because this team desperately needs some easy points.

Worst: Turek and Andrew Drevo – 1 block. These two were abused by the Wildcat big men, especially Siebrant. They were beaten off the dribble and on the post. You can bet that James Thomas of Texas already has the Huskers circled on his calendar with the label "Big Day" next to it. And Arthur Johnson of Missouri. And Ivan McFarlin of Oklahoma State, etc…

Rebounding: C+

Nebraska was beaten on the boards 41-35, but managed to pull down 14 offensive rebounds. It could have been worse, but it could have also been a lot better. Pervis Pasco dominated the glass for Kansas State with 13 rebounds by himself. This is a direct reflection on the Husker big men and shows how far they need to go to reach the level of the rest of the Big 12.

Best: Nate Johnson and Corey Simms – 6 rebounds each with Corey having 3 offensive. Kudos to these two players for performing well in this game, but it is not a good thing to have guards leading the team in rebounding. Brennon was third in this game with five.

Worst: You guessed it! Turek and Drevo – 3 rebounds each with a combined 3 offensive. Not much left to be said about these two and their performances in this game. It was not even close to Big 12 caliber and must improve.

Free Throw Shooting: A-

It is hard to complain about 75% shooting from the line with 16 attempts, so I won't. Nebraska did a nice job with free throws, but it did not help them much in the final outcome. It is too bad that one aspect of the Huskers' game always seem to be on while the other three parts are off. Hopefully this area will remain consistently high and the others can catch up.

Best: Clemmons – 4-4 FT. He had the most attempts and the most makes. It was a simple choice.

Worst: Adam Bohac – 1-2 FT. Had to have some fun with the walk-on for missing an attempt when he never sees the line in his usual mop-up duty. He is actually one of, if not the best free throw shooters on the team in practice.

Overall: F

It is not often that you can be surprised by a road loss when it is Nebraska, but losing by 24 in Manhatten is about as bad as it can get. It is a little shocking after a hard fought win over Colorado was thought to have built confidence. That confidence was tossed right off of a skyscraper by the Wildcats and it landed on the hard pavement below with a large splat. This game will be a tough one to recover from and will show for the next few games.

Up Next: @ Iowa State

Technically, Iowa State has a worse record than Nebraska in the Big 12, but looks can be deceiving. ISU is not that great of a team, but those four losses in conference came to Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. The Huskers on the other hand are coming off a horrible loss to Kansas State and have won only one true road game (A&M last year) in the past two years. All signs point to another bad loss for Nebraska and a relatively easy win for the Cyclones. It may be a different story when Iowa State comes to Lincoln, but this time could get ugly for the Huskers.

Prediction: Iowa State 75 Nebraska 58

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