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It was the first weekend that would have worked for Gio Bernard. The Huskers were set to host a team from Bernard's area, in fact he has some friends on the team, and Bernard was on a bye. It just wasn't meant to be though and the Huskers will have to schedule Bernard for later in the season. When will Bernard make his way to Lincoln?

Gio Bernard and his Fort Lauderdale (Flor.) St. Thomas Aquinas team had a very good showing on the Herbstreit Classic on Saturday. Bernard knows what he has to do to get better though.

"We are pretty good and I am happy," Bernard said. "I think that I did well, I played pretty good. I could have done better. I could name something right off the bat.

"When I ran into the referee for some reason my leg tightened up on me. I know that I could have broke, took off and ran, but my leg just tightened up so I just dove. I need to get this injury taken care of."

The injury isn't serious. In fact, it's more of a reminder to Bernard that situations like this might be avoided with some more game preparation.

"I would say that it's just a strain, something like that. I didn't stretch enough or something and I messed it up. I could have played a little bit more, but the coaches were being cautious."

Husker fans had been waiting to hear if Bernard would be able to make it in for the Florida Atlantic game. St. Thomas Aquinas is off and it was initially thought that Bernard was going to get to Lincoln.

"Nope, I am not going to be able to do it this week. My family and I are going to do a couple of things. I won't be able to do it this weekend, but after the season is a possibility.

"I talked to coach Tim Beck about coming at the end of the season. We spoke either on last Sunday or the Sunday before, I forget. It was around the start of school."

There is just one official visit set up for Bernard as of right now. He is working on another one, but as of right now he has time and doesn't want to rush anything.

"I have an official visit set up to Oregon State already. I have the itinerary and everything for that. Notre Dame is not set up. I have been trying to call, but I have time on that."

Bernard said that it's not fair to take anything away from just having the one visit set up. He claims no favorites and isn't leaning anywhere right now.

"It's nothing like that. Oregon State is the furthest away school and how it fit into my schedule. It's about trying to fit it in and not rush anything."

It seems like the plan is that Bernard will take the official visits to see out of state schools and then set unofficial visits to see the instate schools, which he has already seen.

"That's what I am planning on trying to do with the Florida schools. I have seen them all already. I know how the system is and I can talk those things out over the phone."

While Nebraska must wait to host Bernard they are definitely not out of it. More than that, Bernard has looked at the running back situation at Nebraska and thinks that there is some opportunity there.

"I think that I can go in there and get a little bit of playing time my freshman year. Their running back situation is pretty wide open and in talking to Coach Beck he said that he was really returning one guy with playing experience."

If there is another thing that Nebraska might have an edge on it's the way that they get the running back involved in the passing game. Bernard knows the importance of being able to run and catch.

"Definitely it does. As a running back you have to have the whole package. You can't just be straight run or straight receiving. You have to be able to do them both. Being able to do that helps me in the long run."

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