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With the '09 college football season kicking off all over the country, so are the official visits for high school players. This weekend Nebraska hosted several visitors from across the United States, Tejay Johnson from Egg Harbor Township (NJ) was one of those in attendance. Did the Huskers make a solid impression? Get the latest inside.

Tejay Johnson says he wasn't quite ready for what took place in Lincoln this past Saturday, but don't think for a minute that was a bad thing. The standout from New Jersey said it was one of the best experiences of his life.

"Man it was unreal, I had a great time. It was a perfect 10, not one thing went wrong. I'm at the airport in Minnesota right now on a layover but I have time to talk."

When did you arrive in Lincoln for your visit?

"I didn't have a game this Friday so I flew out to Nebraska early Friday around 2 or 3 o'clock. That was my first time out in the Midwest. It was a lot different but I liked it. I thought I would see nothing but farmland everywhere, but it was actually quite nice."

Take me through your day on Friday when you got to Lincoln.

"I got to hangout with all the coaches and then we all went out to dinner. We came back and went through the walk through with the team. Then I chilled at the hotel for a little while before going back over to meet with the head coach, coach Bo."

What did you think about Bo?

"He is a real cool dude, but he is really into me getting my education, not just about me the athlete and I really respected that a lot. He is a defensive guy so that is another plus."

Tejay went on to talk about what he did Saturday before the game.

"Saturday morning me and the other recruits went on this big tour, it was a full tour of the whole campus. It was me and Harvey Jackson from Houston, Donovan Vestal and some other guys that are on official visits too. Matter of fact Harvey just committed this weekend, so I was happy for him. They fed us a lot too, I mean a lot of eating," laughed Johnson.

"I bet I gained about five pounds at least, we had shrimp, steaks and ribs, there was food everywhere. We also met all the people in sports medicine, the strength coach, we talked to everyone."

But Tejay did mention a couple of things that really stood out.

"Man when I walked out on that field before the game and I've got all these fans screaming my name, I was like wow. I was like, who are they talking to, then I realized it was me. I'm not even committed yet and they knew who I was, it was crazy.

"Then when we did the Tunnel Walk it got even crazier, I got some chills, we walked out before the players did. The atmosphere at the game was wild, but P.J. Smith and Asante said that was nothing, and I should come to one of the big games. I was looking at them like they were crazy, but they weren't joking. I'm thinking if it is like that on a small game, what in the heck is it like on the big ones.

"That weight room is tight too. I like how they focus on the lower body because that is where a lot of your strength comes from, and you need to have strong lowers to play football. It's not just about upper body anymore. I really like talking to the conditioning coach, his workouts are a lot like what I do now.

"I also like all the coaches, none of them were in bad moods or anything. I didn't get any BS either, everything was straight forward. Nobody forgot about me and all the recruits got treated with respect. They were more into my education than just me, I know they have a 94% graduation rate so they are serious about class."

What about after the game?

"P.J. came by and scooped up me and Harvey, then we met up with Donovan Vestal, I think he was with Courtney (Osborne). We just went to this little get together and chilled out with some girls and other players, it was nice."

Did the staff talk to you about position yet?

"They asked me what position I wanted to play. It varies for me, I like running back, playing in the slot, to corner and safety. Basically wherever they need me. If I had the choice I would choose running back because I have been playing that all my life and I like how Nebraska uses their backs. But if the coaches want me somewhere else I will play that position. It really is no big deal to me."

While NU was his first official visit, Tejay already has two others on the horizon.

"That Nebraska game was the first college game I have ever been to. But I'm taking another visit to Rutgers tomorrow for their game against Cincinnati. Then I have one set to Michigan State for October 3rd."

What about a timeframe for your commitment, do you see it coming after you take these other officials, or later down the road?

"I'm not sure really, I'm going to take these other two visits and see how they stack up to Nebraska. But Nebraska is going to be hard to beat, I can tell you that. Then I can look at the differences and see where I feel most comfortable at. If all of a sudden I get the feeling I need to go ahead and commit I will, I don't have a set time."

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