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After a birthday commitment in August, Donovan Vestal was going to take a visit to see Nebraska for the home opener. There wasn't anything that Vestal had to see a little more to remain a solid commit, but he thought that seeing a game was something that he had to do. After seeing Nebraska's home opener Vestal can't wait to get to Lincoln.

Donovan Vestal was one of two commitments in Lincoln for an official visit this past weekend. The defensive end from Arlington (Texas) Bowie had a game on Thursday making travel this weekend possible.

"I went up on Friday morning," Vestal said. "We played on Thursday night. We played against South Garland and they forfeited at halftime. It was thundering and lightening, but we were about to put our foot on their throat."

The day for Vestal on Friday was re-associating himself with people that he already knew. It was also a day that he knows that he didn't go hungry and got to sit in on some meetings with the team.

"Friday was just check-in day and we met everyone. I have met everyone already. They took us over to the hotel and they had food in the suite. If you didn't eat the whole time, something was wrong. They fed us ten times a day. That was good. I got to sit in on some of the meetings."

On Saturday Vestal got a chance to hang out with the team a little during the day for a meal then off to more meetings. After the meetings there was a tour for the visitors.

"Up to the game on Saturday we had brunch with the team. We went back and had meetings with the team then after that we had a chance to tour the campus. We were in the academic hall, the union and toured the stadium.

"I had done all of those things before leading up to the game. The only thing that I hadn't experienced before leading up to the game was the tunnel walk and I was really looking forward to that."

The tunnel walk was really the starting point to the weekend that Vestal hadn't experienced before in Lincoln. When he got his chance to walk through he got to thinking that he is just a year away from doing it himself.

"When I was walking out of the tunnel when the music was going on and the crowd was going crazy was this time next year that's me. That is all that I thought. That will be me coming out of the tunnel.

"That red carpet coming out of the locker room into the stadium is just phenomenal. People know your name and are yelling at you. It's just an awesome experience."

It didn't take long for Vestal to be recognized in Nebraska. In fact, people knew who he was when he got off the plane. In Lincoln, he heard people yelling his name and also signed some autographs.

"At the airport people were recognizing me. I was recognized all the time at the stadium by fans who were yelling my name. I got a chance to sign some autographs too for some little kids. That made me feel special. It was a great day."

What Vestal saw along the defensive line Saturday night is exactly what everyone else saw. A 6-foot-5 and 300+ pound defensive tackle that would either hit you on the line, behind it or chase you down.

"Suh is a monster. That is all I have to say. Suh is a monster. The defensive line played really, really well. They all work hard and everyone just wanted to play. When I come in I know that I will have to work. I want to get that starting spot right off the bat if I can. I want to play. I want to be a Blackshirt."

Vestal was hosted by a pair of players from Texas. He got a chance to meet a couple of the other, defensive players, which also hail from the state of Texas.

"Courtney Osborne and Steven Osborne were my hosts. Anthony Blue was with them too. I got a chance to meet Josh Williams as well and he was real cool."

After the visit and already being a commitment to Nebraska there is nothing that is going to change for Vestal. He was solid going up and into the visit that all the trip did was make him wish that his time in Lincoln could begin now.

"Nope, not at all. I do not doubt my commitment at all. It couldn't have been any better. It was an awesome experience. I can't wait to get up there."

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