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The Huskers have been on a bit of a roll lately picking up three commitments in as many days. The middle of those three commits is Walker Ashburn, a 6-foot-3 and 240-pound defensive end from River Ridge (La.) John Curtis Christian. Ashburn's recruitment was still on a bit of an upswing, but decided that Nebraska was the right place for him.

It's always a bit of a shock to a new Nebraska commitment when all of the calls start coming in. Walker Ashburn was still in the process of returning calls last night when Big Red Report caught up with him.

"I did get a little bombarded today," Ashburn said. "It's cool though. I did commit on Monday and I am happy to commit to Nebraska."

Ashburn's popularity is still on the rise. Weeks ago Ashburn just received offers from Oklahoma State and Louisiana-Monroe. Even so, Ashburn knew that Nebraska was the best fit.

"I am still getting other offers, but Coach Bo Pelini is a great coach and everything that I hear about him is all good things. I hear good things about the coaching staff.

"I also hear nothing but good things about the school. As far as other schools, I do hear some bad things about them, but everything about Nebraska has been good.

"I have a friend that goes up there, P.J. Smith, and I ask him about everything. Everything he has said to me has been positive and he has confirmed everything that I had heard."

In a previous story with John Curtis coach, J.T. Curtis, it was reported that Ashburn had seen Lincoln. Walker said that actually wasn't true.

"I haven't ever visited Nebraska. I committed without seeing Nebraska. I am just going off what everyone else has said and what I have heard from P.J.

"My dad works for the New Orleans Saints and the coaches over there tell me Nebraska is a great place too. Some of their players even told me it was great."

Despite not having actually been to Nebraska there was no hesitancy for Ashburn to go ahead and commit. The stories were all the same about Nebraska that he heard and there were so many stories.

"Not really. You can pretty much just go on the Internet and look at the school. I didn't get to meet the coaches in person yet and didn't get to see it in person.

"But, when you are hearing from everyone how good it is, then I am going to take their word for it and go with what they have told me. I must have heard from 300 people that Nebraska was a great place."

"If it was just some person off the street, I wouldn't have taken their word about it. But, these were all people that I know and should have solid opinions about it."

If you watch film on Ashburn you see a quick step and the ability to get up in the gap in a hurry. He also lines up some on the interior of the line. Ashburn has had a talk about where he will be playing at Lincoln.

"I talked to Coach Bo Pelini and Coach John Papuchis last night and they both said to me that I will be playing end. I do play some inside now.

"We run some different sets like with the nickel and some 4-3. Our base is mainly a 50 with me head up on the tackle. I am in the three in the nickel or head up on the two."

Ashburn definitely sees the success that Nebraska is having recently and that Blackshirt style of defense appears to be back in Lincoln. Ashburn knows it's not a phase because he knows about the success that has followed the head coach.

"I have known Coach Bo Pelini since he was at LSU. I know in the years that he has been at Nebraska he's had success and turned the defense around. So he's doing something right."

An official visit is going to have to wait for Ashburn because the focus is on his season right now. There is a need for his team now and when the season is over he will make a trip to Lincoln.

"No not really. We just all pretty much don't do that. We have practices on Saturday and don't really have the time to get away on a visit during the season. It's team first. We are focused on winning state."

There have been a lot of stories swirling about LSU being the only in-state school not to offer Ashburn. Ashburn says that even if they do that he is 100% going to Nebraska.

"I am committed at Nebraska and that's pretty much it. It's like people say that make a handshake mean something. I have said where I am going and I am going to stick to that."

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