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Out of the chute, Jay Guy took an official visit to the school that he is committed to. While Guy is committed he is still keeping some of his options open and has scheduled official visits to some other schools. Those other schools are going to have to impress him because according to Guy the commitment is getting stronger.

California commitment, Jay Guy, is off to a good start personally. His team, Houston (Texas) Eisenhower, could be a little better right now, but Guy thinks that things are getting better.

"It's going pretty good right now," Guys said. "We are back on track. We played Hightower the first game and did alright. We have a whole new offense. We are 1-2 right now.

"The defense is on track. We are the #1 defense in the district and I know that our hard work is paying off for us. I think that I have around 20 tackles and a sack."

As for Guy, he is seeing a lot of the same things this year as he did last year. Guy is getting multiple blockers and his team is trying to find ways to get him free.

"It's the same old thing just different year. I get double teamed or triple teamed even still. We try to create situations for me, mismatches, and it never works."

Guy took an opening weekend visit to Cal. The trip is interesting because it might influence Guy to either still look at some other schools or to firm up his commitment.

"I took a trip out to Cal last weekend. My mom and dad got to go and I really enjoyed it. The game was good and I really like the school. It was a good trip.

"My commitment is getting stronger, but I still want to take some other visits. I at least want to check out those other schools before I sign on the dotted line."

It seems Guy isn't going to be waiting around on the visits. He is back on the road next weekend, has another visit the end of October and has another scheduled for early November. Two teams are fighting over that last spot.

"I go to UCLA next weekend. I go to Nebraska on November 7th. I am also looking at going to Ole Miss and Texas Tech. Both of those are probably late in November trips. I am going to Minnesota on October 31st."

What's important to Guy on these trips so he can compare the school to Cal is really down to the structure of the team. He wants to see how everything works, meet the coaches and see if the program is on the right track.

"I want to see how the organization works at these schools on my visits. I want to see how the coaches are, see if I am a fit with their players and get an understanding if that team is going to win."

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