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One of the earliest commitments for Nebraska, Tyler Gabbert, is having a great senior year. He has his team off to a 2-1 start and while his stats could be better he says that he is throwing and running the ball really well. Gabbert has been keeping an eye on what Nebraska has had going on so far this season and is thinking about making a game sometime soon.

It's never fun to lose a game. If you ask Tyler Gabbert about the one game that they lost he will still tell you that his team is way ahead where a lot of people thought they would be.

"The season isn't going too bad," Gabbert said. "We are 2-1 right now. In all seriousness, I think that 2-1 is a lot better than what we thought we would be after losing 27 seniors.

"I am the only returning skill position player from last year. We are replacing a lot of people. On Friday night, we kind of got our butts handed to us a little bit. It won't keep us down."

Gabbert, the 6-foot-0 and 174-pound signal caller from Ballwin (Mo.) Parkway West, says that his stats could be better. However, he has been playing very well considering.

"I think that personally I have been playing pretty well. We are young and inexperienced. I think that my completion percentage and yards would be higher but there have been a few too many drops. I have been running the ball well and throwing the ball well."

Nebraska obviously has a fine quarterback commitment in Gabbert and he has been keeping tabs on the team the best he can. He says that he has been impressed.

"They have had two very good wins. The offense has been putting up a bunch of points and the defense has been holding the other teams in check. It's been impressive."

The first visit for Gabbert to Lincoln for a game hasn't happened yet this season. He is eyeing a weekend in November if nothing else presents itself sooner.

"I haven't had a chance to get up to Nebraska yet this year. I think that the first time might be the Oklahoma game or something like that. I know that is a ways away.

"I might have to pick a random weekend and just get up there myself. My parents have been pretty occupied with other things right now for all of us to get up there."

This weekend the Huskers travel to play Virginia Tech. Gabbert is pretty fired up for the game and to finally see Nebraska on T.V. He offered up his thoughts on what it comes down to for a win.

"It's going to be a big time game. I really can't wait to watch it. Virginia Tech is a big time team and so is Nebraska. I think that it comes down to defense and who makes fewer mistakes."

Gabbert has been off the market as a recruit since July, but usually opposing teams treat that as a minor speed bump. This year is a little different than others with so many other schools having a quarterback commit already.

"It hasn't been as busy as you would expect. A lot of the quarterbacks this year have committed to teams early this season and so teams have their commit.

"I still get some mail from some schools that are keeping tabs on me and still recruiting me. None of it is too serious though."

If there is something to take pride in for Gabbert it's the play of a lot of players from Missouri on this year's Nebraska's team. Will Compton, Keith Williams and Mike McNeil are all starters for Nebraska with Chris Brooks making a mark this season as well as a receiver.

"I text Mike McNeil quite a bit. I think that people underestimate the quality of football that is played in the state of Missouri. Its hometown and home state guys that are being successful in the Big 12.

"It's a lot of fun seeing guys have success. We played McNeil's old high school. We come from the same conference and it's great to see those guys go on and play big time football."

It's early, but Gabbert hasn't been asked to play in any post season games. There might be a reason for that though as Gabbert didn't make it out a lot this summer to try and promote himself.

"No I haven't. I didn't too many combines or camps. I didn't get out a lot to do that stuff. We were busy this summer and all during my off-season."

Tyler is obviously the younger brother of Missouri starting quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, who has Missouri off to a 2-0 start. "He's doing well. It's fun watching him play because it's exciting for him."

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