Mack Still Holding Three

After a tough loss in their season opener, Jonathan Mack and his Colton (CA) Yellowjackets got their first victory of the year this past weekend against La Quinta (CA). We talk about that big win and the latest in his recruitment in this most recent update with Big Red Report.

Looks like you guys had a nice bounce back game against the Blackhawks Friday night, did it feel good to get that first win?

"It was a big relief, we came out ready to play. I think we just got off to a bad start in our first game, but we played hard from the start against La Quinta. The final score was 23-8, so we played pretty good on offense and defense. Now we have to get ready for Palm Springs (CA), I think they are 2-0, and have a real good team."

How have you played this year individually, are you happy with your performance.

"Pretty much, they haven't thrown at me a lot to be honest," said the conerback. "I think I have about six or seven tackles so far. I have had a few punt and kickoff returns, I broke one for about 40 yards, but no touchdowns yet."

Jonathan also wanted to get a few things straight about his measurements, as he has noticed, it's varied on the internet.

"I see some places have me at like 5-foot-8 and 160 pounds, that was like two years ago. I am 176 pounds and 5-foot-10. Those are the real numbers."

You had two offers last time we talked. Has anybody else thrown their hat in the ring?

"I just had Nebraska and UNLV back then I think. I got another offer not too long ago, it was from Iowa State. I don't know too much about them though."

What's your feeling on official visits? Do you plan to take any during the year, or will they have to take place after the season?

"I was planning on going to Nebraska on October 17th, for that game against Texas Tech. But some stuff came up, and I was like nah, I need to wait until after my season is over. If I would have went to that game it would have taken my mind off my game that weekend, and I didn't want to do that to my team."

So you still want to see Lincoln?

"Oh yeah, I am still coming out there. I want to see the school, it will just have to be later down the road. I just don't have any good weeks to get there sooner. To be honest I hope the visit is a lot later, I hope we make the playoffs."

What about your teammate Derrick Malone, could you two visit the same weekend?

"We have talked about that, I don't know if he has any visits set up either. We are both in kind of the same situations."

Jonathan said no new teams seem close to offering at this point in the process, but he expects a big senior season could change all that. And while he claims no leader, a visit to Nebraska is something he's anxiously looking forward to. When asked about his feeling towards the Huskers he replied "they are way up there right now".

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