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Tobi Okuyemi and Plymouth (Minn.) Wayzata are off to a fast start. Okuyemi says that the time that he put in this off-season has paid off, but teams aren't challenging him a lot. In fact, opposing teams don't come anywhere near him. Okuyemi is looking at a couple of schools for upcoming visits that will kick off in October and the other might be the first weekend in November.

Plymouth (Minn.) Wayzata is off to a perfect start and Tobi Okuyemi is a big reason why. This week, they have their eyes on an opponent and thoughts about raining on their homecoming parade.

"We are 3-0 so far," Okuyemi said. "We have a game this Friday and it's their homecoming. Hopefully we can win that one and ruin it a little bit."

Okuyemi has seen the benefits of his hard work this summer, but the problem is he isn't getting a chance to use it very much. Opposing teams are choosing not to challenge him.

"It's gone pretty well. It's tough because a lot of teams aren't challenging me a lot and they aren't running to my side. I did get stronger and bigger this summer.

"It's all been helpful for me to get off blockers. That helps me back plays behind the line of scrimmage and in the backfield. It's also easier on power moves and pass rushing."

Recruiting is still steady for Okuyemi, but things should pick up over the next five to six weeks. Okuyemi has a couple of official visits in the works with the first one to come in October.

"I haven't taken any visits yet. My parents' schedule is pretty busy and I am trying to find some openings to take some trips in the weekends coming up.

"Right now I would say I am pretty sure that I am going to Nebraska for a game in November, possibly the game against Oklahoma. I am going to Iowa sometime in October."

While the visits aren't formally set up, he would like to trips to see those two schools. Beyond that, there are two that Okuyemi is talking to about taking a trip and a fifth school that is just kind of entering the picture for him.

"Those other visits aren't set in stone, but I would like to take visits to those schools. I am also talking to Wisconsin and Minnesota about taking a trip.

"I am not really sure about that fifth and final visit. Tennessee just recently started sending me some things and I might look into taking a trip there."

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