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This is a big weekend for Nebraska. This weekend will be Nebraska's 300th consecutive sellout, a streak that goes back to 1962, and it's also a big weekend for recruits. It's a 6:00 kickoff in Lincoln making it possible for the staff to get in some players. One of those players is Bobby Swigert who knows all about this weekend's significance.

Louisville (Ohio) is one a tear and Bobby Swigert is playing a large role in that. Swigert has helped his team start out undefeated, so far, and has led them to a #1 state ranking in their division.

"Things are very good," Swigert said. "We are 4-0 right now and we are rated #1 in the AP poll for Division II. That's the second largest division in Ohio."

The heralded wide receiver coach isn't catching many passes though. Swigert is actually playing quarterback with the thought in mind to get the best player on the field the ball, every play.

"No catches for me this year, I am playing quarterback. It was more or less to get the ball in my hands on every play and let me try and make plays.

"I knew that I was going to play quarterback since I was a sophomore. I am benefiting from it because of how we run our offense. We are more spread.

"I am basically a running back in the backfield that has the option to run the ball on every play. I can also throw it. I am enjoying this season."

Swigert has seen some improvements in his game from last year to this year. He has worked hard on the physical and the mental side of the game.

"In the off season I spent a lot of time in the weight room. I put on 10 pounds and kept my speed. I think that I have made some improvements on the mental side too.

"It was as important to get better physically as it was mentally. I wanted to understand the defenses I was facing and know which coverages they were in."

Swigert is a projection to wide receiver and that leaves the door open for some to project him to another position. For the most part, wide receiver is the position of choice for all of the schools recruiting him.

"Pretty much everybody likes me as a wide receiver. I think that Michigan and Syracuse and maybe a couple of others like me as a safety.

"I am more than likely going to play receiver in college. That change shouldn't be too bad and I am going to work hard at it. That's what I want to play in college."

Recruiting will really kick off this coming weekend when Swigert takes his first of two official visits that he has planned. The second will come just a week later.

"Nebraska will be my first visit this coming weekend and the following weekend I will be making my second official visit to Boston College."

The Nebraska visit has Swigert excited to see what a game is all about in Lincoln. He also knows a lot about the significance of the weekend for Nebraska.

"I want to see the game day atmosphere. You hear so much about it. It's Nebraska's 300th consecutive sellout this weekend. It's going to be amazing.

"The players are going to be wearing throwback jerseys and all of those fans are going to pack into that stadium just like they do every single week.

"The Husker Nation is going to be going crazy at that game and that's what really has me most interested about Nebraska and that's what I want to see."

There aren't any other official visits planned for Swigert, but he does have a short list of other schools that he would possibly consider taking a visit to see.

"I don't have any others officially planned. I guess the only other ones that I would consider might be Michigan, Stanford and possibly Notre Dame."

With a list like that there is little doubt that academics are playing a part in Swigert's decision. He has his focus not just on the next four years, but beyond.

"Academics are actually the biggest part of my decision. I am of course looking for a high level football team, but it's after those four years at school that really matter."

Swigert has done his homework about Nebraska and how they compare to Nebraska. He said that Nebraska basically doesn't get enough credit for the education you can get in Lincoln.

"Nebraska compares to those other schools surprisingly very, very well. When I was down there I met with some academic advisers and they had a lot to tell me. They had a plan set up and have had a lot of success."

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