Turner Gill visits QB, Joe Dailey

The pledge of Joe Dailey has been news ever since he decided on NU. Whether it was his local papers chastising him for his judgement or other services saying that he wasn't solid, it's been a saga of sorts, but it hasn't been one of Joe's making. In fact, as you have seen here at HC, he's been solid from the outset. Joe just wishes everyone else would get it. Last night, Turner Gill stopped by Joe's house not to reaffirm his decision, but just to get to know him and his family better.

Joe Dailey - QB - 6-1, 200, 4.4/40 - Jersey City, NJ (St. Peters' Prep.) - New Asst. coach and continuing QB coach, Turner Gill stopped by the house of Joe Dailey this evening. It was about getting a little more familiar with Joe and his family. "He wanted to come in and get a chance to meet with my family." Joe said. "Just to let them know how he feels about him and that he is the one in charge of me and making sure I perform well."

Perform is something that is expected of all athletes as they step on the field, regardless of where, who, when or whatever. With that being said, something special will be asked of Joe that could cement him as a legit candidate to try and do something no QB has done since Tommie Frazier, start as a true freshman.

You see, Joe's a pretty good passer. Ok, let's put that another way. He's a darn good passer. Good on the run, good in the pocket and good judgement have had much to do with his completion percentage of over 70 his last two years of high school ball. It's that ability, that inspires thoughts of what might be, especially with the new offensive system by Barney Cotton that will certainly demand more of the quarterbacks in the passing area. While two quarterbacks for Cotton his last year as New Mexico State threw for over 60 percent, NU's starting QB, Jammal Lord couldn't manage over 50 percent throwing. Joe's ability at the very least offers some promise of hope.

Another advantage Joe should have going in is that from the way it looks, he's the only QB going to NU that was a pure QB in high school. There are guys like Earl Everett that are noted for other positions that NU said they would give a shot at QB, but it appears that Dailey is the one true QB that is going to Nebraska this year. "I think I am the only one they (NU coaches) said that is a QB going to play the QB position." Joe said.

You would assume that would offer some comfort for Joe as he goes to NU with high hopes, perhaps higher knowing the situation he will he heading into. For Joe though, it doesn't come down to last year's performance of Lord or Dukes' present injury situation. It comes down to who is willing to do what it takes to get there. "The way I look at it is, you have to outwork everyone." Joe said. "It doesn't matter who they are or what they are ranked, if you want the job, you have to earn it."

"What I have learned is that in life, in the classroom and in life, you have to outwork everyone."

The competition is something Dailey is actually looking forward to as well. "I like it." Dailey stated. "I might help him to work harder or he might help me to work harder. We just feed off what the other is doing and hopefully, we both get better."

Much of what Joe wants and strives for could have been met at Syracuse. There would have been the competition and there would have been guys on the team that would definitely make him better. The one thing though that was the defining key in him choosing NU was what he didn't see in Syracuse, something he sees in Nebraska every time he looks. "They (NU) wanted more." Joe said. "Most schools are satisfied with just getting to a bowl game and I don't want to just get to a bowl game."

"I want to be on the main stage and I want to be a big time player. That's why I chose Nebraska."

The main stage being of course, the fight for a national title and the big time player, well of course, that means one of the guys that helps lead them there. That's what Joe is about. It's what he's always been about. It just took him a little longer to come to his own conclusion that it was Nebraska that was the ideal school to take him there.

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