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Players that go to schools like Florida State are amongst the best you are going to see. The best of the best in some cases, but even if they aren't considered THE best, you still know that they are amongst the top players at their position in the country. Thomas Clayton was considered one of those when he came out of high school and decided on the ‘Noles. Well, Thomas is leaving the ‘Noles and amongst Penn State, Northwestern, Nebraska, Marshall and Vanderbilt, Clayton finally made a decision.

The first thing Thomas wants you to know is that the rumor behind why he is leaving the ‘Noles having to do with the depth chart is simply untrue. It has more to do with FSU's future for Thomas and what he thought his future was going in. "They wanted to put 30 lbs. on me and make me a fullback." Thomas said. "I was like, you got to be kidding me."

Not happy with that proposition, Thomas decided with his father that it was time to move on. The process for deciding wasn't going to be long as Clayton wanted to be a part of a team this Spring and not wait. Amongst those teams vying for Clayton were Penn State and Marshall that he already visited and Nebraska, Vanderbilt and Northwestern. The decision didn't take long to make.

Clayton decided on Northwestern over the other schools for various reasons, one being the anemic depth chart that he will be seeing in a year. "The guy I will be competing against for the starting spot is like 250." Thomas said. "I'm what they want if they are looking for a back with a little more versatility."

Thomas said that he had talked to the coach and his dad, evaluated what there was and the Wildcats just fit his overall plan. "There was a couple of things like coach Walker, the head coach talked to my dad, went over a couple of pros and cons and I thought that would be the best place for me."

Nebraska wasn't in dire need of a running back in this year's class and Clayton not committing to the Huskers will probably not have an enormous impact, but as I said before, this is a kid that went to Florida State, was considered one of the best in the country coming out of high school and is about as versatile in regards to speed and size as you can get. A chance at that kind of back is an opportunity, one that the Huskers could not take advantage of, this time.

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