Better than he expected

It's probably not understating that Bud Sasser wasn't too sure what to expect when he took his official visit to Nebraska this past weekend. Nebraska's "West Coast" offense and new passing attack hasn't really outgrown the stereotype of Nebraska football in some areas. Sasser didn't think that Nebraska was going to pass the football a lot. He was pleasantly surprised.

The Nebraska official visitor list was a nice one this weekend and it included Denton (Texas) Ryan wide receiver, Bud Sasser. Sasser was already back in Texas and had good things to say about the trip.

"I am back in Texas," Sasser said. "It was pretty nice. I really liked all of the fans there at the game. That was the first time I had a chance to walk down in front of 90,000 fans.

"We got to walk out in front of the team for the tunnel walk. There were a lot of people out there along the path out to the stadium. They knew my name, actually. That was pretty cool."

The one thing that stood out to so many about the game was how many different receivers caught the ball. Sasser didn't catch that so much, but he was happy with how often Nebraska threw it.

"I didn't know how many different receivers caught passes, but I do know that Nebraska threw the ball more than I had expected. People had told me Nebraska really only ran the ball."

Sasser was able to get to shown around by a former Denton Ryan defensive end, Josh Williams. The two have talked about recruiting in the past months and talked a lot about what to expect at Nebraska.

"Josh Williams was my host. He told me that Nebraska was a really nice place. He said that the only thing that isn't that good about it is the cold weather. He said that you get used to it after a year there."

When asked if there was anything that could have been better Sasser replied a couple more breaks. Not too bad for Nebraska who has to cram in a lot of things in such a short timeframe.

"I guess a few more breaks. We were on the go the entire time. We were busy. I got maybe 10 hours of sleep the whole weekend. I am thinking it might be closer to either. It might be 10."

The weekend visit grade that Sasser gives Nebraska is a little low considering that Nebraska typically gets 10s or even 11s. Take it with a grain of salt. Everything that Sasser saw with the offense surprised him a lot and the visit went well.

"I would say that it was about an "8". Eight is a good grade. I wasn't really sure what to expect on my trip. It all really caught me by surprise. It was better than I expected."

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