Stewart looking at others?

This late in the game, it's hard for any school to just get going on a young man. It is even harder to get "back" going on a player, one that for whatever reason, you had all but left alone for a time. For Nebraska, they did just that to Stewart, but with new defensive staff back in place, they are back in the hunt for Carnell and his much vaunted talents. So, what does Carnell thing about NU's re-arrival?

Carnell Stewart - DT - 6-5, 297, 4.85/40 - River Ridge, LA. (John Curtis Christian) - When this recruiting process all started at the beginning of last year, it was all good. Carnell hadn't said that NU was a favorite, but he noted that they had always been that since he was a kid. "I grew up loving Nebraska." Carnell said. "They were always my favorite as a kid."

It would have appeared that this could have been a match made in heaven, but for one thing. "They just stopped contacting me." Carnell said. "They were recruiting me and then, they weren't. They said it had to do with what was going on with the coaches."

Well, that's certainly documented enough that we won't go through it, but as coach Solich may have been warming to Pelini, it was Stewart that was cooling to NU, because of the perceived lack of interest.

With that in mind, Carnell did what any other top ten recruit does. They move on, and he did. Carnell is scheduled to take his final visit this weekend, scheduled for USC. They along with Miami, LSU, Florida, Colorado and Oklahoma State are all in the hunt for Stewart. But, so is Nebraska. And, so is Oklahoma for that matter. Carnell said that the renewed interest by the Huskers has given him (if but for a moment) a renewed sense of checking it out just to see if it's right for him.

This weekend will tell the story though and Carnell agreed. "I'll know after this weekend if I want to look anywhere else." Stewart stated. "I don't have a leader right now, but I should know more after I get back."

Nebraska stands a shot at Stewart, though it is an outside shot in my estimation. It's hard to look back on this and say that Carnell was Nebraska's to lose, but it's obvious from talking to Carnell that if NU would have stuck with him throughout the entire process, it wouldn't be NU grasping for a shot, rather the Huskers would be one of those with the largest of shots at this Louisiana standout.

Stay tuned for the weekend.

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