Swigert gives NU high marks

The official visit to Nebraska this past weekend for Bobby Swigert wasn't his first chance to see what Nebraska had to offer. However, he was traveling with some family on this trip and it was their first trip to Lincoln. This was also Swigert's first chance to see a game in front of a 300th consecutive sellout crowd and he came away impressed.

Bobby Swigert was supposed to play for Louisville (Ohio) on Friday night. His team, rated #1 in his classification, is going to be without his services possibly for a while.

"We won last week," Swigert said. "We won 23-15 or something like that. I didn't play. I have a foot injury. It's messed up. I don't know what's really wrong with it."

Swigert was out the door early that Saturday morning to catch a flight to Lincoln. He had some cargo he didn't have before either. He wasn't traveling alone.

"I flew out Saturday morning. It was like my unofficial visit because my mom came out with me and it was her first time. I got to meet with the coaches again and saw all the facilities.

"We got fed and Coach Ted Gilmore went over what they are trying to do with the offense and how I fit in. We met with Coach Bo Pelini and everybody else before the game."

It's important for the parent(s), as well as the recruit, to feel comfortable with the school. Nebraska has a way of appealing to both more often than not and they did in a big way with the Swigert family.

"She was very, very impressed. She was blown away by the place just like the way I was the first time I saw Nebraska. She really liked all the people there.

"She liked the way that the university was. She was also very impressed with the academic side, the academic support; she got to see that and liked it a lot."

Before the game Swigert was with the team in the locker room until he was led down the tunnel. He got to experience it before the team and then saw the team come out as well.

"It was really, really cool with everyone in the locker room. Seeing them and how they prepare to go out on the field and play their game.

"Walking out of the tunnel with some of the other recruits and people were yelling at us to come to Nebraska. They were high-fiving us. It was crazy.

"When the actual team came out of the tunnel with the music and the crowd it gave me absolute chills. I would definitely like to experience that one day."

The Nebraska offense was hitting on all cylinders on Saturday night and it impressed Swigert. He is also here to say that Nebraska isn't your dad's Nebraska. They have a really balanced offensive attack.

"Everybody thinks that they are a running school and it's not that way at all. They are very balanced in fact and that is very appealing to be more well-rounded.

"They put up some big numbers and can do whatever they want to do. Nebraska likes me as the inside guy as the X. I was watching Curenski Gilleylen. He's really good."

Overall, the visit couldn't have gone a lot better for Swigert. He admits that he was running on fumes at some points in the weekend, but then something would happen that would perk him back up.

"It was definitely a "9" or a "10". There wasn't anything really wrong with the visit at all except that I was kind of tired all day long. I kind of zoned out a couple of times during the day.

"I had to get up at 5:00 in the morning after my game the night before and go to the airport. When I was walking out of the tunnel it woke me up a lot!"

Swigert was set to take his second official visit in as many weeks this coming weekend to Boston College. However, he is postponing that visit and doesn't have another visit set at the moment.

"I was going to go to Boston College, but I am not going this week. It's mostly because of my foot. I am also still considering taking visits to Michigan and Stanford.

"If I would do other official visits to any other schools, those are the three other schools that I would take visits to. The Nebraska official visit really helped them out.

"It was a great experience. They are at the top of my list, obviously, and those four schools together are pretty much even. They are who I will choose between."

Time is running out for Swigert to get any more visits in if he wants to stick to his commitment time line. "I would like to decide pretty soon. I would like to do it maybe in a couple of weeks or maybe in a month."

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