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Victor Burnett of Culver City (Calif.) is getting ready for recruiting to ramp up. Burnett has one official visit under his belt, another this weekend and there are three battling it out for the final two trips. Who are those three teams that are being considered for one of the final two visits and does Nebraska have a shot at getting a visit?

Culver City (Calif.) linebacker Victor Burnett saw their run at a perfect season come to an end this past week. That loss came on top of an already long week for Burnett.

"It's been a rough, long week," Burnett said. "We played on Friday. We lost. It was our first loss of the season. We played Crenshaw. We are 3-1 right now."

While Culver City fell on Friday night, Burnett is having a very solid season. In fact, Burnett just broke one of the career records at his school and has a chance to keep it for a long time.

"Right now I have 62 tackles, nine tackles for loss, five sacks and one interception that I returned for a touchdown. I also broke the all-time tackle record for my school.

"A guy that was a senior last year had it. It was 356 and I have around 370. I still have a lot more games to play this season so I am curious to see how high I can get it."

The off season work outs have really paid off for Burnett who has seen gains mainly in his feet. However, there was one area of his game that Burnett wanted to work on and he has seen rewards there too.

"My biggest gains have been in my speed, my lateral movement and my quickness. I really wanted to work on getting in pass coverage. It's paid off too.

"That interception that I got was in my first game and it was the first one of my career. So, I am seeing improvement in that area of my game as well."

Burnett still just has the one official visit under his belt, but will take his second this weekend. After that, Burnett is pretty sure about the third school he will see and there seems to be three battling it out for the final two.

"I have taken one official visit so far to Washington. I am going to Arizona this coming weekend. I am going to Oklahoma for the Kansas State game most likely.

"It's kind of hard to say where the other two will go. Nebraska comes to mind and I would like to see the Oklahoma game. Tennessee and West Virginia are two of the other teams that I am considering for those last two spots."

Burnett has been keeping up on Nebraska and has been getting some information from his recruiting coach, and potential position coach, Mike Ekeler.

"They are coming back to play that dominating style of defense. Coach Mike Ekeler has told me that they need backers to come in and play and that's a green light for me to take that into consideration."

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