Missouri-week off to a good start

You wouldn't have thought going into this season that the Missouri offense would be all the buzz. But thanks to sophomore quarterback Blaine Gabbert, who has thrown 11 touchdowns and no interceptions, that buzz is definitely there. It's just one of the many things defensive line coach Carl Pelini and crew have to prepare for. As he said after practice today, Missouri has more than just him.

Practice Notes:

The starting dime linebacker will probably be Will Compton, but defensive line coach Carl Pelini said that it could be him, Sean Fisher or Phillip Dillard.

Larry Asante is obviously back to practice, and the only noticeable wrap he has right now is about a mile's worth of tape around his left foot. But he's been practicing at full speed, so I wouldn't expect that to be an issue come Columbia.

The team has for four straight days worked with noise inside Hawks Championship Indoor Center, more specifically the Missouri Fight Song. Noise can't escape there unlike Memorial, and Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson said his head is still ringing from listening to it the last few practices.

Watson admitted that noise was part of the problem when it came to some of those procedure calls when Nebraska traveled to Blacksburg to face Virginia Tech. And they have been drilling that noise into their brain in closed quarters, to the point where noise will be the last issue they will have to worry about come game time.

I was talking to Asante a little further about this up-coming match up and that all the games he's been a part of against Missouri, are nothing more than part of the past. The 52-17 loss at home. The 41-24 loss down there, along with the two other 41-24 losses down in Columbia prior to that.

While Asante said that it does absolutely no good to think about what might have been, because it's not going to help you in the future. The team they are facing definitely gives them a focus on the matter at hand, and what's really important about this game. "When the game starts, all that goes out the door. You want to play assignment football, because you don't want to let your teammates down," he said.

And when he did indeed look back on what happened or didn't happen, Asante was confident that while knowing the game has to be played, the team you see now won't resemble the one just a year ago, right here in Lincoln. "There is not going to be any confusion. We are playing a simple game plan, there's going to be a lot of confidence (and) there is not going to be any communication issues," he said.

"Basically, it's going to be mano-mano. We aren't trying to trick them with anything they are doing. We are just going to show up and play. If you are better than us, beat us. If you're not, we're going to win and that is what it is."

There is an obvious sentiment amongst the Missouri natives going into this game, that they want this game as much as any other, as you heard from Will Compton today. But there's little doubt that for those who were here last year, and like Asante, a year before that, there's plenty of their own motivation.

But it isn't motivation from what Missouri did last year, but what Nebraska didn't do, and the senior safety said that they just want to play their best game. "We haven't even gotten close to that yet, and that's what we want to do. We want to play our best game and whatever happens, happens," he said.

Nebraska will resume practices tomorrow as the countdown to Columbia continues.

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