Will NU offer?

It's been said that Nebraska wants to be able to recruit the 500 mile radius of Lincoln like an extension of the state boundary. If that's the case then the Nebraska staff might be very close to offering this running back from Kansas which has really emerged. Things are closing up quick for this running back and his official visits, would Nebraska get a visit if they offered?

Joseph Randle of Wichita (Kans.) Southeast has the size and speed that you look for in a running back. Randle, a 6-foot-0.5 and 190-pound running back says that the season hasn't lived up to expectations, but it's still going OK.

"It's going good," Randle said. "We are 2-3 right now. I don't know what my stats are exactly. The season hasn't lived up to our expectations, but our last three games are district games and that's how we will get into the playoffs.

"I think that we have a very good team. These out of district games so far this season have been against good teams. I think that we have the ability to win our district games and get into the playoffs."

Randle said that all of the hard work this summer has paid off. He has seen the difference on the field and it's clear that the colleges that are recruiting him see the improvement as well.

"I have seen a lot of improvements on the field as a result of my hard work. The rewards to me are all of the schools that are talking to me to play football for them in college.

"I really wanted to get better all around as a running back, my total game. I didn't want to just get better at running or catching; I wanted to improve my total game."

As a runner, Randle feels that he has great vision. He has the ability to find the hole, see the second level, set up the blocks, find the cutback lanes and hurt you with long runs.

"I think that I have great vision. I have the ability to set up the blocks, see the holes, see the blocks downfield and then also see the cutback lanes."

There are already four schools that Randle has penciled in for official visits so far. Beyond that, there are a few other schools that Randle is still considering for that fifth visit.

"I don't have dates to the schools set up, but I know where I will probably take them to. I have four schools that I have been talking to and that's Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Missouri.

"I really don't know about that last one. I have been talking to some other schools like Boston College, Ole Miss and possibly even Miami. I don't know yet about that last one."

There's not just one thing that Randle is looking for when it comes to a school. In fact, there are a lot of things that he is looking for when it comes to making his college decision.

"I am looking for a lot of different things. I would say getting on the field early, I want to be part of a winning team, location and possibly staying home will be a little important.

"I will be looking at the type of offense that a school runs. I also want to feel good about the coaching staff and of course the academics and what they have to offer."

One of the schools in the area that hasn't offered yet is Nebraska. Randle did note that Nebraska has been mailing him a lot and that if they did offer it's possible they could squeeze in there for that fifth official visit.

"I don't have a Nebraska offer. They have been sending me a lot of mail lately. If they offered I might consider them for my last official visit possibly.

"I know a lot about the school and the team. I haven't had a chance to see them on T.V. yet this year, but I know that they are doing pretty good this year."

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