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Committing to a school that isn't the in-state school is never easy. There is peer pressure and snide remarks from everyone. Then you consider that Tyler Gabbert is a little over 100 miles from Columbia (Mo.), Missouri is starting to recruit him a little more and his brother is the starting quarterback at Missouri then things didn't get any easier. Tyler Gabbert takes it all in stride.

Tyler Gabbert has a lot going on right now. Gabbert is getting over H1N1 (Swine Flu), Missouri coaches are taking helicopters to see him play, his brother is the starting quarterback at Missouri and he is still a Nebraska commitment. Big Red Report caught up with Gabbert to talk about everything.

BRR: Are you feeling any better?

Tyler Gabbert: I have been laying around the last couple of days. I had the swine flu. We have 25 kids out on the football team right now with it.

BRR: When did you get it?

Tyler Gabbert: It's been going around our school for a little while. I just woke up before our game last Friday and felt a little crappy. I finally called the doctor today and they said that it was a 90% chance I had it.

They say that this is supposed to be milder than the regular flu that will be here this winter. On Friday, during the game, when it came time to scramble I felt like a 60 year old man.

BRR: Where does it go from here? Is there a certain amount of time that you have to be held out to be quarantined or to make sure you are fully recovered? Did you have to get the vaccination?

Tyler Gabbert: I just need to get the regular flu shot but other than that it's just up to me. It's a little inevitable that everyone is going to get it. I'll be back at practice tomorrow.

BRR: Let's talk about that game last week because obviously there were some interesting happenings. Is it true that the Missouri staff arrived at your game in a helicopter?

BRR: Yeah, some of the Missouri coaches flew around the St. Louis area that night to see a lot of the recruits, I guess.

BRR: So how long were they at your game? When you say that they were making the rounds were they literally just getting out, going to your game for the entire game or taking off sometime in the middle and going somewhere else?

Tyler Gabbert: Yeah, I think that they just stayed like a period. I think that they went and saw three or four games. I know that Coach Yost was there for about the first half. They had a bye week, just like Nebraska, and they were out scouting just like Nebraska was I am sure.

BRR: The interest from Missouri, is this not new to you or has it at least stepped up in recent weeks? How would you kind of describe that?

Tyler Gabbert: It's stepped up. There have been various happenings going on with players, I guess. It's stepped up recently because it had really died down over the summer. It's definitely stepped up the past few weeks.

BRR: Does this have anything, or everything, to do with Blaine Dalton not being around anymore for Missouri?

Tyler Gabbert: Um, yeah. It has to do with that. I guess that extra spot is something that they want to fill on their roster and their depth chart.

BRR: Does this complicate things for you? Obviously a Nebraska commitment since this summer, you have a brother at Missouri who is the starting quarterback, you are from Missouri, not too far from Columbia; what does this do to your situation?

Tyler Gabbert: I am still obviously committed. It's the in-state school and I happen to go down there to watch my brother play. I do see and hear a lot about my situation (being a Nebraska commitment) from the kids at school and all that stuff. It may complicate it a little bit.

BRR: What does your brother offer to you as advice?

Tyler Gabbert: He just wants me to do what is best for me. He knows that I am going to make my own decision in the end, but he has been extremely supportive.

BRR: Are you pretty close? Are there any other siblings? Any other quarterbacks coming up?

Tyler Gabbert: I have a younger brother, a nine year younger brother, but Blaine and I are extremely close.

BRR: Another difficult situation presents itself on Thursday night for you. You have Nebraska traveling to Missouri to take on and face your brother. Who are you going to be rooting for Thursday night?

Tyler Gabbert: As it's gotten closer it's gotten more interesting. It comes down to me wanting my brother to do extremely well and I want Nebraska to do extremely well. I can't take sides completely.

BRR: The last time we spoke, one of the questions that I asked you was had you had a chance to make it to Lincoln for a game. One of the things with your brother was that he was always in Lincoln, maybe for every game, until things started to fall apart that season on the field for Nebraska. When are you going to be able to make it up to Nebraska for a game?

Tyler Gabbert: I think that there are still two possible games for me to make it up there and they are Texas Tech and Oklahoma. I want to coordinate that with the staff when they want me up there because other recruits are coming. I also have to take into account my football schedule, my parents' schedule around my brother's schedule and of course Nebraska's schedule. Everything is a lot more complicated this time around.

BRR: Is it getting difficult fielding a lot of questions, a lot of interviews, and hearing it from other people like students at your school being a Nebraska commitment and living in Missouri? You have things crawling in from every corner: peer pressure from kids at school, rumor mill on the Internet, Missouri coaches at your game showing up in a chopper, your brother playing quarterback for Missouri; has it mounted up? What do you think the chances really are that come signing day you end up a Husker?

Tyler Gabbert: Well, I can't put numbers to the percentage, but I am still committed now. I have to think that all of this comes with the territory: I am the one being recruited, I am the one with these opportunities, and I am going to have to be able to handle all of this stuff. I have to be able to handle these kinds of things down the road and I might as well go ahead and practice it now.

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