Honesty and family hit home with Johnson

As it is with most any of the hotter prospects around the country, if they haven't made their decision as of yet, recruiting is heating up. So is it for Tejay Johnson, and he talked about his recent recruiting and particularly about the Huskers. What does he think about the Big Red?

New Jersey, Egg Harbor Township High School, Athlete Teejay Johnson had planned a trip to Michigan State, for their game against, in-state rival Michigan. Due to a few mis-communications with the MSU coaching staff Johnson could not make the trip to East Lansing.

"I did not end up going to Michigan State," Johnson said. "Me and the coaches at MSU were playing phone tag, about some last minute details, and I ended up not being able to make it."

As for up coming visits the only one Johnson has planned is Cincinnati. "I have a visit planned for Nov. 7Th at Cincinnati,"Johnson said. "I would like to take all five officials, but I am not sure where they will all be to yet."

Johnson says that he and his head coach are looking at a hand full of schools that are fighting for his last three spots to get Johnson on campus.

"We are looking at a few other schools," Johnson said. "My coach will come to me about some schools during the weeks. He will say, this team looked good, and did this. Then we will go to the computer, look up some highlights. Look up their ranking and see how they look. "

Johnson was in Lincoln for the first game of the season, and the visit seemed to still be on his mind.

"Nebraska was great school, and I am going to compare all of these schools to that visit," Johnson said. "The thing I liked most about Nebraska? Their coach. Coach (Bo) Pelini. He is just like my high school coach. Very into it. Very into football, and real straight forward. He didn't try to avoid things, he just was real and told me how he felt honestly. I respect that a lot."

While in Lincoln, true freshman Lazarri Middleton was Johnson's player host. He said he hung out with Middleton and red shirt-freshman P.J. Smith.

"You can tell the players like being there." Johnson said. "The coaches are out joking with the players on the field. Coach Marvin Sanders was out there messing with guys, and they were messing with the coaches. It looked real fun. You can tell they have a great family like relationship."

Johnson had some questions for the players and he said that they answered him honestly, and made a big impression on him.

"P.J. (Smith) told me how hard it was to be away from home at first," Johnson said. "He said he was real home sick you know. Then he just told me how you have to work real hard there He said it's worth it then. He said after a while you start to love it there. He's not starting right now, and he said that's kind of tough on him, but he said that he knows with how hard he works he will play."

Johnson said that missing the trip to Michigan State set his recruiting process back a little, and he was going to wait till he takes his other three visits. One of which he is rescheduling to Michigan State, before he commits.

"I would consider Nebraska my top school, because it's the only school I have been to," Johnson said. "I don't know who I would put behind them. I haven't seen any other school so I really can't rank them right now."

As far as his senior season is going, the 6-foot-2 190 lbs. athlete said he is doing really well. "My first game I had 90 yards rushing and two touchdowns," Johnson said. "The second game I had two interception on defense. In my third game I had 10 carries for 125 yards, and 3 touchdowns. Then last week I had two 80-yard kick off returns. I didn't score on either one. Both I got pushed out of bounds last second."

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