Done and getting ready to decide

It's that time of year. All visits are done or one away from being done and it's time to decide. LIsts are narrowed, teams are waiting and fans sit anxiously, hoping for that commit. Fans from some schools are waiting on Jenkins. Now, which schools and which fans will be the most anxious about what he ultimately does, now that's the question. Check out our latest conversation with Mike for an update on just that.

Mike has narrowed his list down to three: Nebraska, Auburn, and USF (Yes, University of Southern Florida).

The first question out of my mouth was why USF? "I know they're a small school. But the coaches really impressed me there, plus it's pretty close to home." So they make his top list of contenders.

Why, I personally dont think USF will beat out the powers of Nebraska and Auburn, no time table has been set, so we will need to be patient on the decision. "I don't know when I'm going to decide. When the right answer comes to me, I guess. I'm not sure if it will take me up to signing day or not. When I know, I'll know."

Mike will not be taking any more visits, he was sure of that. And he didn't expect anything to change his list of top three.

So given some time, a leader will emerge.

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