"Quick Hits" - RB, Clinton Polk

Check out our "Quick Hit" take on RB, Clinton Polk, a gem out of Arizona and caught steam late, but seems to only be building in popularity.

Clinton Polk visited Nebraska and has at least one visit remaining to Oregon State. I say at least, because Polk isn't sure he is going to make that ultimate pledge on the date most see as THE date. "I don't know if I am going to sign on the 5th." Polk stated. "I have one more visit scheduled, but I might take more."

Polk wasn't direct in his answers on grades, but it would appear that he hasn't either taken his test (ACT or SAT) yet or has yet to receive the results. This could be the reason for the delay.

Arizona State was a definite front runner for Polk , but their lack of an offer makes those schools that have offered (Oregon State, Nebraska and Arizona) the teams to beat.

As for a timeline, we all have to basically, just sit tight.

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