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There are definitely two sides to Chase Rome and his commitment to Nebraska. First off is knowing that he made the right decision to become a Nebraska Cornhusker. The second is definitely some regret in committing early to Oklahoma State only to change his commitment down the road. Rome talks about his commitment, how Nebraska sees him and what he brings to the table.

The word broke last night at around midnight that Chase Rome, a 6-foot-3 and 275-pound defensive end from Columbia (Mo.) Rock Bridge, changed his commitment from Oklahoma State to Nebraska.

"I committed to Nebraska yesterday," Rome said. "I think that it just feels like family (at Nebraska). I really have close connections to all of the coaches there.

"Obviously they have very good academics there. I really like the fact that they have had all of the academic All-Americans that they have had. I also think the way I fit into their scheme is perfect."

One man's gain is another man's loss in the case of Rome who was committed to Oklahoma State. While he feels the joy of being a future Husker he also feels regret about making an early commitment to Oklahoma State and ultimately breaking that commitment.

"I hate doing what I did to OSU (Oklahoma State). It wasn't intentional. It's not just the next four years of my life with this decision, it's the next 40. I am going to be alum forever.

"I took my visit to Stillwater and I got my offer from Nebraska after I committed to OSU. Nebraska was a program that I always said that I would look at if they offered me.

"I went up there the first time and I thought that I wasn't very interested in Nebraska. If you take it at more than face value and look at tradition, alumni, the fans and the more I looked it, the more I liked it."

Some might speculate that being from Missouri, and Columbia at that, that maybe the nationally televised win by Nebraska over Missouri might have had something to do with Rome's decision or timing. Surprisingly, it didn't.

"No, Oklahoma State beat Missouri last year too. It was good to see and good to see the defensive line play, but I don't really think that factored in."

Rome is a player that you wish that you had 4 of because he could potentially play at all defensive line positions. Nebraska has a bit of a plan though when it comes to where he will play initially and it makes sense to Rome.

"They said I would probably start out at defensive end then they will mold me into playing defensive tackle through their strength program and as I got older. Start out at the five-technique and move down to the three."

If you watch the film on Rome you see a big, athletic defensive lineman that is relentless in his pursuit for the football. There is no quit in Rome whether his team is winning or losing.

"Obviously just a physical presence. At the same time, I think that I am a good leader for the defensive line. When it comes down to it, it's all won up front. I don't care what anyone says about that.

"As you make plays as a defensive lineman, the linebackers see that and they get hyped up and vice versa. It all caries over. I also never quit. I don't care what the score is. I don't let the ball just get by me."

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