Huskers back in the hunt?

Things change and for this Texas athlete they has come full-circle with Nebraska. In an August story, this player really wanted to stay closer to home and Nebraska was too far away. Now there might be some thought that getting away from home in central Texas might be a good idea. The Huskers have presented him with a unique opportunity to play on either side of the ball as well.

Pat Faulk and his Kerens (Texas) team are off to a good start heading into a bye week. The 5-foot-11 and 180-pound Faulk is being recruiting mainly to play cornerback and wide receiver in college.

"We are 3-0 in district," Faulk said. "We are 4-1 overall. We have a bye this week. I am playing quarterback and I think that I am doing really good.

"I am running the ball a little more than throwing, but my passing and rushing yards are about equal. You get a lot of passing yards in big chunks."

Faulk hasn't taken any official visits yet, in fact he's only taken one trip unofficially and that was this summer. He does have one official visit planned as of right now.

"I haven't taken any official visits yet. My only visit was this summer to SMU. I don't have any set up, but I will go to see Nebraska after the season is over."

In a late August interview between Big Red Report and Faulk, there was a tone about wanting to stay close to home. A lot of Nebraska interest and a thought about wanting to leave home have changed that.

"I want to get away from Kerens (Texas). I am feeling Nebraska. They really want me bad. They send me letters every day and stuff like that."

The Huskers have made regional coverage once this season and national coverage this past week for TV. Faulk saw Nebraska in their only loss of the season, but still thinks that Nebraska is playing at a high level.

"I watched Nebraska against Virginia Tech. They have been playing pretty good. They are talking to me about playing slot receiver or about playing cornerback. Whichever gets on the field the quickest."

While the option exists for Faulk to play either side of the ball at Nebraska there is still a side that he would prefer to play. He would also consider doing returns if he chose Nebraska.

"I want to play offense. I want the ball in my hands. I do returns now at Kerens, but haven't spoken to Nebraska about doing returns. It's been about playing receiver."

There are really only a handful of programs that Faulk is looking at this moment, but he's keeping his option open. "I am really looking at Nebraska, SMU, TCU, Sam Houston and Louisiana Tech. I am still open though."

While Faulk would like to get a way for school, Nebraska is clearly the furthest away school that he is considering. He knows that this will all come down to the opportunity.

"It's far to me, but I could stay close to home or they could come and see me. We'll see what happens. It's all about the opportunity."

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