Preparing for Texas Tech

Nebraska hit the field today as they come off the Missouri win and prepare for Texas Tech. It was business as usual for Bo and company as the win is clearly forgotten and the next opponent looms large.

Junior running back Roy Helu Jr. practiced today and Bo Pelini said after practice today that he was fine, no issues.

In regard to the "Blackshirts" which have yet to make an appearance this year, Bo addressed it by simply saying "next question."

Freshman tight end J.T. Kerr had shoulder surgery which will keep him out for some months. Kerr was not a part of the regular rotation at the position at the point the decision to have surgery was made.

When asked about Texas Tech's offense in regard to the similarities it had with Missouri, Pelini said there were not many similarities, saying that the two teams are very different in regard to what they do on that side of the ball.

I talked to Defensive Ends Coach and Special Teams Coach John Papuchis about the miscues at Missouri, where there were two muffed punts, another ball which went off a Nebraska player's foot resulting in a turner and the barrage of errors on the long snaps. He said that the issues were both mental and physical, and in the type of conditions they played in against Missouri, there is only so much you can do to prepare for that. But he said the mental miscues, which includes the play with linebacker Matt May, the person whose heel touched the football on a Missouri punt, are the ones which he considers unacceptable.

On a related note, the team from offense to special teams, were doing a number of drills today involving a ball which was dipped into a bucket of water prior to the play. That included special teams.

More on Suh: While coach Papuchis said that he hasn't seen any replays of the network broadcasts where Suh is getting so much love from the national media, he said that it obviously doesn't hurt the program. They will take that kind of publicity every day, especially when it comes to recruiting. "I think that it helps us, because it does spotlight our defensive line and the success our player are having," he said.

Papuchis obviously had a lot of experience how that kind of publicity would help recruiting during his time at LSU. Former defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey was just one of many players who got that NFL-type hype. "When you start building a tradition of defensive-line play it helps in all the recruiting of that position," he said.

Another reason he likes the publicity Suh is getting happens to do with the fact that he knows without the other guys on the line, who probably wouldn't be happening in the first place. "I think the credit goes to the whole group around him as well as him, (but) those accolades are certainly well deserved at this point of the year," Papuchis said.

Nebraska will return to the field tomorrow as they continue to get ready for the Big 12 version's of basketball on grass that is the Texas Red Raiders.  

Check out the full post practice audio with Bo Pelini

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