Press Conference Notes

With just one day of practice in the bag after the win on Thursday night, numerous Huskers spoke today, focusing on both last week and this upcoming game against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. As always, I was camped out in the hallway collecting interviews. Here is some of the stuff I gathered today:

  • Bo Pelini confirmed the rumors today; Rex Burkhead injured his foot, and will be out for an extended period of time.  As I walked to the Hawks Center following practice yesterday, I saw Niles Paul and Rex working on punt returns outside.  Apparently, Burkhead was injured before that drill during team drills. 
  • I spoke with Zac Lee for a few minutes.  He admitted that the weather obviously did play a huge part of the game Thursday.  He said he wasn't using it as an excuse, but it was difficult.  Lee also told me that he has never played in conditions so wet.  He is from California though!  Lee also told me that his teammates kept positive during the course of the whole game, and he said he kept running around the sidelines trying to keep his teammates positive
  • I also asked Zac about playing in a dramatic score turnaround like that.  He told me that he played in a game back in Junior College where his team trailed 28-0, and came from behind to win the game.  When I asked Zac about what kept him smiling during the night, he told me that he was trying to be positive and have fun out on the field.  We will post the entire audio of the interview
  • Jared Crick told me that Ndamukong Suh makes him an entirely different player.  Crick also told me that he would compare Suh to Albert Haynesworth.
  • Dejon Gomes said he has no idea how much playing time he will see on Saturday, but he thinks it will be earned during practice this week.  He also said he believes there will be a rotation during the game.
  • Dejon also told me that his interception was a great moment for him.  He said that if he did something in junior college football, only a few people locally would be talking about it.  Now, everything is on the national spotlight for him.
  • Phillip Dillard spoke for an extended period of time.  He said that he never got down on himself, and never listened to any negativity surrounding his offseason.  He said he never reads newspapers and watches the news (although he never denied reading the Red Zone Board).  He also talked about being the team clown.  He said he has nicknames for everybody, including calling Ndamukong Suh "Hungry Hungry Hippo."  Suh said that he is still trying to think of a nickname for Dillard.
  • Ricky Henry said he has never played in such bad conditions in his life.  He admitted it was tough to deal with in the trenches.  When I asked what the game plan was for Saturday, he admitted that the offense is focused on the run.
  • I caught up with Nebraska's own Heisman candidate after his extended interview with Sports Illustrated.  He told me that "it is what it is."  When I asked if he planned on striking the Heisman pose in the mirror ever, he said he didn't plan on it.
  • Larry Asante mentioned something about a new defensive strategy that was just introduced yesterday.  He also said that he is extremely excited for the opportunity to face a passing oriented offense like that of Texas Tech.  He told me that his goal for the defense is to hold Texas Tech under 100 yards of rushing and under 150 yards of passing.  When I asked how excited Larry is to face an offense that could throw the ball around 50+ times, he said he's excited to get his hand on the ball and make some plays.
  • I rode the elevator with Larry after the afternoon events were done, and joked with him about how much he has heard about the Blackshirts.  Without the microphone in his face, he told me that he doesn't think they should have them yet, and that the defense has yet to play their best football. 
  • Everyone who was asked, including Bo Pelini, said that it doesn't matter who starts at QB for Texas Tech, they'll be ready for either one.


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