Practice Notes

The Huskers wrapped up regular practices for the week inside Memorial Stadium, as they finalize preparations for Texas Tech. What's on everyone's ind is the health of the team and the state of the running backs.

  • From a health standpoint Head Coach Bo Pelini said that his team is good to go, and that there are no issues with any of the players who weren't already ruled out for the game. On a related note, tight end Kyler Reed didn't suit up with the rest of the team today. But today was just helmet and shorts.
  • When asked about the number of official visitors they were expecting in for this weekend's match up with Texas Tech, Pelini responded "a few."
  • Throughout the course of the practice week, the entire stable of backs have been getting equal reps as running backs coach Tim Beck and company continue to find who will be that next player to step up. Pelini implied that, that decision hasn't been made as of yet as he said it will be a "committee" of backs this weekend.
  • While the head coach spends much of his time on his own defense and looking at the offense of the opponent, he agreed with the idea that Tech's defense is much like their offense in its simplicity. The general thought on Texas Tech's offensive philosophy is that while they seem to do a lot of things, what it is ultimately, is a lot of sets, shifts and motions for the same plays. Pelini agreed at least with the simplicity aspect in comparing the two sides, saying "I would say that's a pretty fair assessment of what they do."
  • Nebraska will go through their walkthrough tomorrow as the finish up the week in preparation for the Red Raiders.

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