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Curtis Carter, the dynamic all-around athlete from Stonewall (LA) took his first official visit of the year to see the Huskers this weekend. Carter has said he would like to wait and make a commitment around Christmas time, but has the visit to Lincoln changed that timeframe? Get the latest inside.

Having a game on Thursday night this past week, allowed Griffins quarterback Curtis Carter to fly in early Friday afternoon to start his official visit to Nebraska. According to Carter, it was the start of a great weekend.

"I flew out pretty early from Shreveport, so I got to Nebraska at like 5 in the afternoon. It was an easy, short flight, nothing to it. People started to recognize me right after I got there, it was crazy," laughed Carter.

"I've never ate so good in my life, they have fed us right, I've never seen so many steaks. I don't go back home until about 2 o'clock, so I'll be hanging around a little longer. I wish I could stay up here a few more days."

Big Red Report: What did you do Friday after you got to Lincoln?

Curtis Carter: "After we dropped my stuff off at the hotel, we went and ate with the team. It was just the coaches, players and the recruits. Then we all went to see a movie, that new movie with Jamie Fox in it. Since the team stays in a hotel before the game, we went back there for the player meetings.

"It was really cool because I got to sit in on the meetings and see how they prepare for games. Coach Gilmore was going over all the plays, it lasted about an hour and a half. They let me see the whole nine, which I liked. It was late by then, so I went back to the hotel after that."

And after he woke up Saturday morning, the wild ride continued.

"I couldn't believe how many fans I saw when I came out of my hotel, they were already getting crunk. It was hours before the game and they were already ready to go. It was nice, real nice.

"Seemed like everywhere I went people knew who I was. I heard people say ‘Curtis, we need you at Nebraska', others were saying ‘you belong at Nebraska'. It makes you feel good to know fans want you to come to their school like that.

"When we got the stadium I got to meet all the other people, strength and conditioning, academic, anybody that had anything to do with Nebraska football. I enjoyed talking to all of them."

Curtis said one of the highlights of the trip was making the Tunnel Walk, it's something he said he's never experienced before.

"Wow, that was unreal. I was like oh my gosh, the fans are going crazy. It's so loud in there you can't hear the person next to you. We walked out right before the team, so the fans were all jacked up, I got chills from it. People hollering ‘Curtis Carter, come be apart of Nebraska', I'm thinking, how do all these people already know me?"

BRR: Could you see yourself doing that as a player one day?

CC: "No doubt. They need some speed at wide receiver too. They have all those big bodied wide receivers, but they need some guys with some speed to break the game open. I could do some damage returning kicks too."

And even though the Huskers couldn't pull it out in the end, Curtis said he saw some good things to build on.

"The offense just couldn't get things going, and the refs were as bad as I have ever seen. But when they put in that new quarterback (Cody Green), things started getting better. He has a cannon on his right arm, I mean that guy can throw it, he was just gunning it everywhere. I wonder if they might start him next week."

He also met another player committed to play quarterback for Nebraska.

"I sat right with Tyler Gabbert at the game, he was real cool, and I got his number. He was talking a lot about me coming to Nebraska and stuff. I hear he has a real good arm too."

BRR: You have always talked about committing later in the year, is that still the case?

CC: "I don't think I want to hold off until Christmas anymore, it's going to come a lot sooner than that. I need to go home and talk to my family first and see what's up, then probably make a choice. I say in less than a week or two, maybe before that."

BRR: How would you rate your visit to Nebraska?

CC: "Oh it was perfect, I'd give it a 10 for sure."

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