Hal gives Nebraska high marks

Already a commit to another school, Andre Hal probably didn't feel any pressure to do anything on his official visit to Nebraska. But now that it's over, we caught up with him briefly to talk about how he feels now.

Port Allen, Louisiana cornerback Andre Hal was already a commit to Vanderbilt coming into his official trip to see the Huskers. So, no pressure in feeling that he had to make a decision one way or the other before he left.

And he didn't, but said that his trip was more than worth making. "It was everything I expected of a place like Nebraska and probably more. There's nothing about the experience I would change," Hal said.

The Huskers didn't win, but that didn't detract from his experience, as he said it hit all the right marks. "The stadium, facilities and fans were perfect," he said. "I learned what I need to know, so there's nothing I would change about the trip."

The inevitable question, of course, is now that he's seen it and it would seem, enjoyed it, how does this affect his status as a verbal to Vanderbilt. "It doesn't. I still consider myself a commit to them," he said.

But he did go on to say that they will evaluate that again once he gets home and has a chance to talk to people close to him about his situation and the future. "Yeah, we're just going to sit down, talk about it and everything over the next couple of days. We'll just have to see."

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